Young M.A

Quiet Storm

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TESTO - Young M.A - Quiet Storm

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TESTO - Young M.A - Quiet Storm

So I been told I'm the hottest in New York
Believe that ma'? Yeah, nigga what you thought
And I ain't even signed, yet
And Flex said 'where you been hiding at?'

Never hidden, all the shit that I'm spittin' been invented
Songs been written
Shows been did it
The booth been in it
Damn I feel offended
And now I'm known from the Atlantic to the Pacific
This is just me, I ain't tryna be different
That's the problem with the game, everybody something they isn't
My goal is the business, fuck seven digits
I'm just tryna do, what my brother didn't, I love you nigga

The pain deep, I can feel it in my stomach nigga
That's the pain and the hunger nigga
I'm from the jungle, to feel success you gotta struggle
To get where I'm at I had to hustle, that's why I'm humble
I had to cry, I had to hurt, I was at my worst
Mama wondered why I never liked to wear a skirt
Or wear a purse, I tried to be girly once
But fortunately it didn't work
I'm coming up something like a hiccup burp
You running up, see that's gon' get you hit and murked
You tryna fuck cause I can see me in the skirt
Double cup sippin' on the Henny, blowing purp
Ring ring the labels calling, so let's see what the labels talking
You tryna get the fortune, we tryna build a corporate
Then incorporate the fortune
If ain't what we talking, then it ain't important
I'm out your office, I'm off this
In other words don't buy it if you can't afford it
I keep telling these niggas I got a old soul
Squad dressed in all red like a cold nose
It's Redlyfe, yeah the bros and the hoes know
Redbone pussy looking like rose gold
Then I make her turn around like a closed road
Tell her lean that body over like a old rose

Watch looking like something out of cold stones
Gold plated, white diamonds yeah them cold stones
Froze bites in my chains like cold toes
Ice box for a heart, I got a cold soul
So tell them guys, don't fuck with me
I'm here now mothafucka now you stuck with me
My goons stay with the metal like a cutlery
We sucker free, you a wannabe, you under me
This rap shit, this is fun to me
That show money ain't enough to me
You rap guys y'all lunch to me
These thot hoes just a fuck to me
Just a mhm in a nut to me

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