Pumpin Tha Slug

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Pumpin Tha Slug di Pouya . “Pumpin Tha Slug” è una canzone di Pouya. Pumpin Tha Slug Lyrics.

TESTO - Pouya - Pumpin Tha Slug


TESTO - Pouya - Pumpin Tha Slug

You ain't fucking with me
You know this shit the flow is sick, you know this it
I get my money then leave that bitch
I said you ain't talking to me
Unless you 'bout that check no disrepect
I fuck yo bitch, and get that neck and leave the set
I said you ain't walking with me (yuh)
Unless yo booty fat, throw it back, throw a stack, round and round Cul-de-sac
I said, You ain't kickin up on me
Well it's ok this the game I play, in a minute everything gon' be okay
I said you ain't better than me
You tryna do what I do it ain't workin for you
And I ain't talking no shit just telling the truth
I said you ain't coolin' with my team
Bitch make a move unless you fucking the crew
And don't act surprised cuz you know how I do
Yo pussy is a weapon to me
So stop that shit, drop that shit, pop that shit yuh

Get buck in this ho like you pumpin the slug
Pumpin the slug

Baby bone I'm never flexing
Pop that pussy for me like a Smith & Wesson
And the homies that I'm with is just a blessin'
You got a problem we could teach you a lesson
No diploma, no school no profession
I'm just working on my craft and perfection
Out here making moves like Tekken
So please tell yo' bitch don't text me
I've been thinking about some messed up thangs
You would never want to hear the thoughts inside my brain
When the feds run up don't say no name
Caught yo ass livin in the middle of the slang
They gonna give me 25 if the Glock go bang
5 on deck if the little birdy sang
Death row found him in the dirt bag
Watching my back cuz the lurkin
Tryna be me its not workin, its cool cuz you really not worth it
You ain't nothing but some doodoo ass bird shit
Livin' yo life with no purpose
I get the same pussy for free that you purchase
You talking all that shit well ??
Only fucking if that pink pussy perfect
Young baby bone finna get to the murkin

Ho pumpin tha slug then you showing no love
But fuck ‘em like prison I'm pissing them off
They way I get buck well set this shit off
Curtis Snow mentality, fuck'em we ball (fuck'em we ball)
I was raised to get up when I fall
Baby bone I'm never slacking,I stack the paper tall ho

Pumpin tha Slug x5
Baby bone be
Pumpin tha Slug
MIA be
Pumpin tha slug
All the Hoes be
Pumpin tha slug
All the homies be
Pumpin tha slug
FLA be
Pumpin tha slug
Smart Stunnas be
Pumpin tha slug
Even my momma be
Pumpin tha slugx4
Baby Bone be
Pumpin tha slug x5


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