The Four Freshmen ft. Hit-Boy

Please Be Kind

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Please Be Kind di The Four Freshmen e Hit-Boy contenuta nell'album First Affair. “Please Be Kind” è una canzone di The Four Freshmen. Please Be Kind Lyrics.

TESTO - The Four Freshmen - Please Be Kind


TESTO - The Four Freshmen - Please Be Kind

Aye, I need my friends
I need them, I need my friends
I need my friends, I need my friends
I need my friends, I need my friends

My friends are good when I'm in a bind
They got my front and my behind
They're always cool, they're always kind
They let me grow, they let me shine
They teach me stuff, they give advice
They're never mean, they're always nice
They come hang out, when I'm alone
Bring DVDs, watch Home Alone
I'm throwing my buddy a wink
Are you thinking what I think
That we could be running the game
Get international fame
Come and be a part of the team
Gathering up all the green
Focusing on the beat
It's Frank

What the fuck is Frank
Cee doing on this track?
Got bars rap instrumental youtube comments lack

I got the rhythm and blues inside my heart
And lots of friendship is magic and friendship is golden
Fuck the haters let it go, frozen
Aesthetic is the path that I have chosen
Can't go it alone let me slide into your friendzone
Hitting up DMs like LOL, no homo
Jk, jk, my friends go all the way-ay
By purchasing my mixtape out in stores today
You can also get it at my Bandcamp
Dear friend I wanna say, thank you, thank you
Thank you for the handout
Or is it handjob, I don't gotta job
No mob can compete against my internet squad
Viral video, vaporwave, traphouse dreams

Dank friendships are made out of dank ass memes
Rolling blunts everyday, my rhythm so fresh, gotta call it chillwave
But I digress I am nothing without my friends or my family
All of you can make my dreams become reality

I want for all beings everywhere to be good friends
I want us all to care about each other until the end
I don't like it when my fellow beings suffer
If you fall down I want to be your buffer
I want to cushion your fall and help you back up
I want to pour some cold water into your cup
I want to offer you nutritious plant foods to eat
And if you're cold I want to help you find some heat
I heard a good quote the other day
It goes like this, "Hurt people hurt people"
So if people tried to hurt me I don't get mad
Because maybe someone out there treated them bad
My mission in life is to help others
I want us all to be kind to one another
If anyone listening wants to be friends with me
I gotta tell you that would make me very happy

Yeah son, this song right here 'bout friendship, son
It's that real-ass shit son, don't give a hoot about squat son
Son, son, son, son, son
I got a lot of friends who will always have my back
Forget about the fakes they wanna be where I'm at
In the rap game got a bunch o' trouts, tryna ride the wave
Gotta stick with the homies till the grave
The one that let you sell the cheddar when I wasn't me
The ones who always believed in me
The ones who forgave the mistakes I may have made
I've been sticking with the homies that I had since the fourth grade
Yea son, and I keep my circle tight
So if you my homie you finna be living right (right)
Good life, and this is just the beginning
Best believe y'all I'm finna be winning
I've had fake friends who would stab me in the back
That shit was wack and now they regret that
Cause I'm a straight up legend in the booth
(Hoot) Yeah, I shoot a gang sign out, I don't give a hoot (G)

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen
The moment y'all been waiting for
Stepping up to the mic, it's the one and only
Antny Fantana!

Um, no
No, no, I don't—no, I'm not rapping on your mixtape
Why won't you rap on my mixtape?
Because I'm not here to rap on your mixtape, I don't care about rapping on your mixtape—can we, can we stop this beat, please?
Stop the beat, stop the beat! Okay, Antny, why don't you wanna rap on my mixtape?

I just don't want to, it's been really annoying over the past few months with you recording this mixtape, bringing all these weirdos in here, playing all these beats, rapping out loud, taking up this room, where I have to do reviews in order to, to, to pay the rent, so that we can live here. But you're spending all that time that I could be making reviews recording, uh, song... raps, whatever, in this room, and it's just being... uh, it's becoming a nuisance
Well, ain't, ain't you gonna review the mixtape?
No, prob-probably not
Well, how am I supposed to get on the XXL cover for the freshmen?
That's not really my problem, I, I don't care
Why aren't you being supportive of my raps dreams?
Listen, um, this needs to stop, and you just need to go back over to the Cal Zone right now. Please, please go back to the Whack Cal Zone, please

Thank you, that's where you need to be, thank you, please, thank you. Um, hi everyone, listen, sorry about all of the...
Can't believe you, you jerk!
...Okay. Sorry about all of the, uh, probably bad music up until this point. But, um, you know, we really can't blame that on anybody but ourselves, uh. I allowed this to go too far, you encouraged it—that was you, that was your fault, you did this—um, you can't, you can't encourage Cal when he does this stuff
You know it's bad, you know it's not good and, but, yet you say it's good, and, uh, that just, that, that makes things worse for all of us, believe me. Believe me. It makes things worse for everyone, uh, when you do that! So, in the future please do be a little bit more careful because it's, it's just not, it's not nice to pretend Cal is doing something good when he's not doing something good. So, um... That's, uh, that's just the way it needs to be going into the—the way it needs to be going into the future. Um, so, I will see you later, hope you're doing well, and um, again sorry, sorry
Will Smith, that's my favorite rapper right there! That's my favorite raps!

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