Lil Kapow

Percs in My Pina Colada

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TESTO - Lil Kapow - Percs in My Pina Colada

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TESTO - Lil Kapow - Percs in My Pina Colada

And I told her, and I was saying to that bitch that
Oh, are we starting the track?
It's starting, it’s starting, it's starting
*My man, my man Sueco*

I might put dick in your daughter
Knock a pussy nigga out at my concert (pew, pew, pew, pew)
my arm hurt
I don't wanna fuck all you bitches, I got options (ay)
I treat the pussy like piñata
I just put percs in my piña colada (ay, ayy)
I’m pull up to her apartment
Start folding that bitch like a omelette (ay, ayy)
I gave her a bar, she popped it
Bitch, I get more head than a dollar
All of my doors got metal, guarded
Walk out the house wearing armor (ay)
Run up on me, catch a hollow
Louis Vuitton, put a check in my wallet
Hit from the back, now she wheezing like cold (gang gang gang gang!)

Fuck on that bitch, then I kick her the fuck out my condo
Yeah, bitch that's the motto
My little bitch, flew her out from Chicago
I hit from the back with no condom (okay)
I got a cover, no poncho
Choppa got drum, bongoes, you do not want smoke
Pocket filled up with cilantro
I met her today then I'm fucking tomorrow (ay)
You a funny guy, I don't like jokes
Wearing Uggs while I step on your coat

I did this shit on my own, so why the fuck would I answer my phone?
I'm taking a pic of this bitch
Real G moving silent but lonely

No Garfield but me and my dog really Odie
I'm playing these hoes like a Sony
I don't talk to you, you nigga poly
Ain't shit change from new me to old me
Riding this bitch on the floor like a pony
And if I go broke, someone, don’t get

2 am in my outfit, matte black
Finna give dick to a bitch with a fat ass
I’m rich, let's play chess on my backpack
Bitch, I’m ducking the fans, quack quack
FaceTime a bitch while her friend on my lap lap
Pussy in real life and pussy on Snapchat
She do not like me but she make that ass clap
I'm not finna send me no Venmo or Cashapp, bitch

Hahaha, ay yuh
Let me hear that shit one time

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