Ann Peebles

Part Time Love

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TESTO - Ann Peebles - Part Time Love

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TESTO - Ann Peebles - Part Time Love

I need somebody who's consistent with me
Someone already there when I need company
Cause when I'm feeling old
I don't wanna have to go
I'm looking for a part time kinda love

And when the dreams and rainbows start to disappear
I don't want somebody up and running out of here
Cause when you stop and start
Baby, it's just too hard upon my heart
That part time kinda love

I can't take you, darling
Living here
Wait and see
I want somebody who's commited now to me

Some day
You've got to take a chance
You can write the music, baby
Get up and dance

If we grow together
Daring to dream
I know we're gonna find our share of peaches and cream
And when the juice is flowing
I don't want no, no, no excuses
Just want your full time love for me
(No part time love for me)
Just want your full time love for me

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