Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Parking Lot di Portraits Of Tracy contenuta nell'album Drive Home. “Parking Lot” è una canzone di Portraits Of Tracy. Parking Lot Lyrics.

TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - Parking Lot


TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - Parking Lot

Another hour had passed but all of a sudden there was no trace of Junie
Me being his roadie, I had to go look for him

Sorry to bother but, have any of you seen Junie?

He’s over there?


Thank you, thank you, thanks so much
Ema walks towards Junie and finds him playing a nearby street piano

Oh, I’m fucked up

Junie... J- Are you seriously drunk again?
Yeah... oh...

But it- Its always when we perform here you know? It’s nowhere else

Don’t mind it no, don’t mind it girl

You can’t

Aye, listen to me. Don’t mind it, no burp
This would be good as a new single right?

Yeah, that wouldn’t be bad as a new single, especially the burp
But you can’t drive, I have to drive you home now

It’s cool! Fuck, you always do it, shit... Just- one more night, one won’t hurt
Gunshots ring out

OH SHIT! I’m too drunk for this!

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