Kane & Abel ft. Snoop Dogg

Out of Town B’s

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TESTO - Kane & Abel - Out of Town B’s


TESTO - Kane & Abel - Out of Town B’s

(Knocking at the door)
Snoop: Kane, Able
Damn, what's up nigga
Kane & Able: What's happenin'
Snoop: Snoop Dogg
Kane & Able: Ohh what's up nigga
Snoop: I got 35 bad bitches in my room
Nigga these out of town hoes that we out here with
Kane & Able: No shit
Snoop: You with it nigga
Kane & Able: For Sho'
Snoop: 1505 come get at me
Kane & Able: Kewl IM in

365 days in one year dogg, and about 85 bad bitches over there up
Against the wall
They all waitin' to be chose, clothes sweaty and shit
But all dey wanna do is see some gangsta dick
This gangsta shit it's takin' the whole world by swarm
You shoulda' seen how many bitches came to see a nigga perform
They swarm the stage, the minute we hit it
And as soon as p said "uhhh", the bitches got wit it
Since IM new with no limit soldiers, I stay in the cut
New face on the block, so I get all the cock
Silky slim is what they call me, cus IM so low key
When y'all niggas in my town, nigga, hoes on me, for real
Respect game, do the same when IM on your turf
So many bitches k.l. for shit what dey worth
You can smoke a little bit of this from the w.s
You doin' it with the d-o-double g, so you can tuck that stress
Ohh yes, nigga thats how we does it
You like doggy dogg, well I like you too, and your cousin
We bustin' like a mothafucka in this presidential suite
With two bad bitches, I ain't gunna give a fuck about next week

Bitches, bitches, bitches
Yah, IM fuckin' with these out of town bitches
Bitches, bitches, bitches
Yah, IM fuckin' with these out of town bitches

Every other city we go, we fuck thems' pimpin' hoes
Some Louie Ville, to Little Rock, Atlanta, to Chicago
I like them hoes big fine and slim in the waist
Tattoo on her titty, lookin' jiggity with the pretty face
Backstage at the concert ass bulgin' out tha miniskirt
IM Kane that's able, you wanna put in some worth
Thats a g-string you got on, boy you know your wrong
Bring your girls to 15-0-5 I can't talk long
Hay yo' snoop, these bitches gon' fuck tonight
Grab the rubbers and da weed, I got the Champaign and da ice
And if you come in muh room, your commin' to fuck
Take your drawz off and shut up till I bust me a nut
From the East Coast to the west, Midwest, to down south
These out of town bitches gettin' dick in dey mouth
Yo', IM all about manage et toi
Catch me in action, bangin' like a porno star

Yo' Kane I seen her first, so you roll, don't be a hater
?? IM gunna play her later, after I fuck her we can switch later
I met this bitch, IM gunna keep her name on the low
Put my dick in her mouth bout as deep as it could go
It's 2 a.m., fuckin' yah till 10
Tell your man back at home, hey boy were only just a friend
Like them college girls, with the funny accent
Now I got your ass bent, in my boys apartment
Don't look suprised IM one of them ?? Rapper master p
Before you blink your eyes, you gunna' be fuckin' me and c
IM tried of seein' the same OLE hoes, that my niggas dun' fucked before
There ain't nothing like new pussy, on the road, after a show

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