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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di ORANGATANGABANGIN di $tatic Goonz contenuta nell'album ORANGATANGABANGIN. “ORANGATANGABANGIN” è una canzone di $tatic Goonz. ORANGATANGABANGIN Lyrics.


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Bitch, I am Gorilla da Spinna
All y'all hatin' on me, I'm 'bout to come up
And all the people that's supportin', they 'bout to come with me
All my lil' Goonz, let's get it

What it is? Who it be?
It be Criggy to the P
I'm a G, what you see?
I sign your titties up for free
Don't believe, that's okey
Just know that I will achieve self-esteem
I be lookin' for you, but you all asleep
Your contact, I will delete
Smokin' on the finest green
All the stress, I will relieve
Getting paper by the string
Bitch, I'm Gorilla da Spinna
Ora—rangatangabangin' on my chest
While we singin', these fellas be breakin' bank and rockin' G Wang
While we leave him hangin', front door started swangin'
So we sayin', 'Boy, we need to break it'
Oh, we stankin'
It's that gas that we smokin', what you thinkin'?
Creep down the street, like a hobo
I don't give a fuck if you's a homo
Bitch, we all homo and we sapiens
Take a look inside my mind because I am an alien

I'm not Australian
But if I was one-on-one in a room with a kangaroo
I would fuckin' go barbarian
I raise my fists and I hit him in his jumpy shit
Hop up in his pouch and tell him, 'Carry me, you lil' bitch'

Bitch, I am Jvna tha Switcha
Or a Jew boy with the money
(That's good, that's good)
Bitch, it's B-MAN on the beat and you know this shit a banger
And if she fuckin' with my dick, then she fuckin' with my fingers
I got that Glock on my side, I'm finna buss it at a wanker
And I'm chiefin' credit cards, 'bout to hit a fuckin' blinker
Oh, so I'm chillin' with this bitch and we went to the movies
I don't really fuck with bitches, but this bitch was a cutie
I'm talkin' five minutes later, now I'm rubbin' on her booty
I asked Siri for directions, she said, 'Seconds from the coochie'
And now I'm goin' to her house, I'm finna beat down her doonies
My stomach feelin' kinda weird, I think I gotta take a dookie
I'm startin' to think I'm dreamin' 'cause you still at the movies
And bitch, I look over to the side and then she saw my fuckin' dookie
And now she cryin' and she screamin' like, 'You shitted in my car'
You can't even get mad because the bathroom was far
My ex got mad 'cause B-MAN got bars

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