Bill Anderson

On and on and On

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TESTO - Bill Anderson - On and on and On


TESTO - Bill Anderson - On and on and On

I dried my tears, and opened my eyes
You know what? And now, I said that I realize
Let's bring it down front, because this is where it come from
Nothing but the truth, so I got to say it
And I want you to know, right now, here it is:

Still, though you broke my heart
Still, though we're far apart
I love you
I love you... still

Still, after all the time
Still (still), you're still on my mind
(Still) I love you
I love you (oh, still) still
I love you

I lost count of the hours
And I lost track of those miserable days
(Still) In fact, I lost just about everything
Baby, since you went away
(Still) I lost everything
(Oh, still) Except that memories you've left me
And that's one thing
(Still) No one else can take away
(Oh, still) From me... but baby, look here!
(I love you still)
I don't know where you are
I don't even know where you've gone
(Still) The only hope is someday
(Oh, still) That you will take the time
To hear this song

Still (still)
After all this time
Still (still)
You're still on my mind
Still (still)
I love you (still)
Oh, still
Please, please
I love you still
There's a flame in my heart, baby
(Oh, still)
And it's like an eternal fire
In fact, everyday it bursts
Only, only (oh, still) harder and harder!
(I love you still)
You know, a good friend of mine (ooh...)
Country-western star, beautiful man, brother Bill Anderson
He sat just... and Bill told me, through dream I had
He said "Brother Brown, go on and tell the world that
I want you to keep on in telling them
For anybody, that may have this problem
And you feel, that you want your loved one back
Just keep telling them:
I love you, I love you"
(I love you still)
I love you, I, I love you
(Oh, still) ooh, I love you still

Still (still)
Still (still)
Gimme my lovin'
Still (still)
Still (still)
I wonder who is holding my babe
Cause I love you still)
I want it, give it to me
Oh (oh, still), come on back
I (still) I love you still, hah
I love you still (oh, still)
I love you still
I hope I can... I hope I did you some good
But if you listen (still), remember
He loves you still
(Oh, still) And remember
She loves you, she loves you still
(Still) He loves you still
She loves you still
(Oh, still) still
I can love you (I love you)
I can love you still (I love you still), yeah

Still (oh, still)
Please hear this song
(Still) Aaah-ha-ha-ha!
Oh, still (oh, still)
I, aaah!
(I love you still)
I love you, girl
(Oh, still)
Aaah, I, I, I, I...
(Still, oh still)

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