Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Ocean di Tommy Shaw contenuta nell'album 7 Deadly Zens. “Ocean” è una canzone di Tommy Shaw. Ocean Lyrics.

TESTO - Tommy Shaw - Ocean


TESTO - Tommy Shaw - Ocean

I'm running from the future
And I'm looking at the past
I keep coming on to detours
And I'm overheated, out of gas
There's nothing left to keep me here
I've tossed it to the wind
And I'm too jacked up for sleeping now
Where the hell would I begin

Take me back to your ocean
Let the waves of mercy wash right over me
All my dreams and emotions
Go flooding like a river to your sea

My head is full of eloquence
And reasons not to be
The weight of this intelligence is like a stone
That's crushing me
I let it roll right over me
I'm down here in the dirt
I knew it was not meant to be
And now I'm back here from the hurt

Take me down to your ocean
Let the waves of mercy wash right over me
All my love and devotion
Go roaring like a river to your sea
I'm washing the blues away tonight
Wearing them down
And nothing that you can say about the world
Can change my mind

Floating in your sea
Floating in your sea

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