None of the Above

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TESTO - Voivod - None of the Above


TESTO - Voivod - None of the Above

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Following the story
On my monitor
No more saving glory
Only flat colors
Black and white distortion
Back and forth all day
A fine-tuned deception
I am shocked in waves

It just brings me down

Looks just like the same song
And the same old dance
Who is right? what is wrong?
Where's the second chance?
Storm the desert home-land
This one's gone too far
We hold peace in one hand
In the other...war!

It just brings me down

So, every channel's the same
Same weird game show quiz
What future? for who's gain?
And the answer is?
A. global destruction
B. blown-up in flames
C. polluted oceans
D. seas of disease
None of the above!

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