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Sheff G

No Negotiations

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di No Negotiations di Sheff G contenuta nell'album Proud Of Me Now. “No Negotiations” è una canzone di Sheff G. No Negotiations Lyrics.

TESTO - Sheff G - No Negotiations

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TESTO - Sheff G - No Negotiations

Getters is, bring your friends, huh
We know where the money getters is, fuck
It's Great John Beats, baby
Look, look, look (Great John on the beat, by the way)

She look gorgeous on the wake-up, bad lil' bitch fucked up her make-up
Catch 'em speedin', racin', AMGs, police can't chase us
Catch me at a function, only baddies at this function (Ayy)
Look, step on my feet, bitch, we gon' jump you
Spend like ten at Webster, Dior what I step in, my bag Louis V
Glocks with beams all up in his V, run up, you gon' see
Heard of me, pussy, why you flexin'? Know you heard of me
Look, like me, then we fuckin', don't start stalkin' me
Huh, look, point to where the money getters is, bring your friends
Tell 'em, "This where all the money getters is"
Tell 'em niggas, wait "You don't wanna run up on that kid"
Better tell 'em niggas (Last one tried to do it, he got did)
Designer what we smokin' on
Tell a DJ, "Run it back," what type of time he on?
It's that shit that make you feel like poppin' bottles with models
Please don't flex before I feel like poppin' bottles, we got one
Yeah, we got one, look

Demonize, my niggas on demon time
Shit, look, demonize, my niggas on demon time
Huh, and it's no negotiations, huh, we don't negotiate
No negotiations, huh, we don't negotiate

Cranberry seats, my bitch a, my bitch a mixed breed
Look, Glock .23 right where my dick be
Heard it all my life, they throwin' salt, they tryna assault me
Not even voodoo coulda fought me

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