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TESTO - Statik Selektah - No More

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TESTO - Statik Selektah - No More

No more hatred, no more heartache
Statik Selektah
Fuck 'em
Lovely sunshine, I will pay no
Fuck 'em
No more sickness, no more sorrow
Statik Selektah
What's up?
Lovely sunshine that will pay no pan in the gold in that
Yeah, I reminisce
Yeah yeah yeah, yo, let me go back, let me go back, hold up

Listen, I'm reminiscin' how we rolled through the hood (Come on)
Pushed through in the big Cadillac that had bullet holes in the hood
Foes in the hood got exposed in the hood (Yeah)
Ex prom queens that turned to hoes in the hood
But I'm just a gun owner, hit you with that blang blanga
Motherfucker, you won't live it to see next summer
Want my name then you should stop that shit
My trigger finger got exema, just itchin' to pop that bitch
(Ayo) - Ain't nothin' before him, nothin' after him
(You know the name) - Fame, that boy spaz on 'em
(M.O.P.) - That's the acronym
But my goal is to tryna frontin' them checks, and I get back at 'em
Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck
This shit get realer, I'm still a catpilla
Twista, cap back mista
Fo'-fifth ya, I won't miss ya
Yo, Statik, let's get richer

Richer than Richie (Uh)
Richer than most of these rap niggas on major labels thinkin' they Big Willy (Right)
Get busy
And I own my masters for real so when you get out that deal get with me
Mac got a bit chilly, wrist got a six series (Uh)
That advance is just a flip for me (Right)
Niggas that live in the past still'll lift for me (Uh-huh)
Iceberg big, everything else is history (Really)
Dough rollin', I'm stackin' my change
Elite in my lane, hail mary, my packages came (Uh-huh)
Youngings with the statik, they want the status of Lil' Fame
"Ante Up" on loop in they brain when they snatchin' the chain
Kush god, I be havin' the strains
Yeah, I'm still a drug dealer
Mister hundred pack sealer (Uh)
Fuck sax (Uh)
Now twist up, you get the picture

Uh, y'all lead the copy the carpenters laid
My style is engraved, no foul sendin' when I'm improvin' this wave
Mastered this, the beat is a slave
Keep 'em amazed, I light the booth up like I'm throwing a rave
I give you something to shoot in the vein
I move the pain, this drug trafficking that'll show up in ways
Not losin' my weight, the road took a toll that I paid
No easy pass, got a path in your way
Roll up the cess for Sean P, spark it and bless
Pullin' niggas' cards, there's nothin' but jokers on deck
Yeah, my endeavors endorsin' the cheddar
These niggas tough, but soft with emotion, that's pussy in leather
Without a Statik lit, no fit
Keep your pigs, fire on wax without a candlestick
I keep it dark, tryna dodge they sabotage
You stick up move the beef with Wade like a cattle prod

No more hatred, no more heartache
Lovely sunshine that will pay no
No more sickness, no more sorrow
Lovely sunshine that will pay no pan in the gold in that

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