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TESTO - Teezo Touchdown - Neighborhood

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TESTO - Teezo Touchdown - Neighborhood

I just took my TV out the bedroom
Now it seems easier to sleep
I just put oil on my door hinge
Cause late at night, I hear it squeak
I just put batteries in the fire alarm
Cause sometimes it randomly *beep*

I just put an island in the kitchen
Cause I love sex on the beach

I just took a walk through my garden
Watered my flowers, grabbed me a peach
Waved at my neighbor
Wonder why my neighbor ain't waved back at me
A knock on my door, who could it be?
Cause I'm not expectin' company
A knock on my door, it's hauntin' me more
Cause what more can they want from me?

Neighbor? (Oh, one second)
Neighbor? (Just give me a minute, please)
Neighbor? (Oh, I'll be right there)
Neighbor? (Oh, hold on)
Neighbor? (Thought I was doin' good)
Neighbor? (I thought I made it out the hood)

I just put a gate on my yard
Cause I don't think dogs should be on a leash
Aluminum foil on my windows
Sometimes I like to sleep past three
Pots all over the floor 'cause when it rains
Sometimes it leaks
Pots all over the floor and in the sink
I ain't did the dishes in weeks
I ain't had nutritions in weeks
All I had was sodas and sweets
Eatin' out, goin' out to eat
Stumblin' in then fall asleep
The **** my neighbor keep wavin' at me?
Can't he tell I don't wanna be seen?
A knock on my door, who could it be?
Grab my four before I see

Neighbor? (Oh, give me a second)
Neighbor? (I got somethin' for your ass)
Neighbor? (Oh, you wanna cover the peephole?)
Neighbor? (I'ma count to three before I blast)
Neighbor? (One, two, I probably should)
Neighbor? (Move my ass out the hood)

Just got kicked out another parking lot
That's the third one this week
Excuse me, sir, ca—
Excuse me, ma'am, can you please spare some for me to eat?
My clothes reek, my nose leak
My shoes squeak, plus, I just got my ass beat
Backstreets, hot streets
Cold streets, man, all I know is streets
My family won't notice me
My daughter probably don't even know it's me
Her mama got another man today
I heard he got a house with a gate
Where I'm headed, where the house is on the way
And I just wanna see my baby face
I just wanna make sure she's safe
And tell her that Daddy gon' be okay
First house I went to was wrong
Neighbors said they next door and should be home
Walked to the gate, see a dog without a leash
Allegedly, this is where my daughter be
Knock on the door, I guess I'm about to see
Fall on the door, because my knees are weak
If nobody answers, it's not meant to be
I'ma wait and see, I'ma count to three

Neighbor? (Ayy, but y'all heard that?)
Neighbor? (Sound like somebody got shot)
Neighbor? (Sound like it was right up the block)
Neighbor? ('
Cause now the block 'bout to be hot)
Neighbor? (Hope everything's all good)
Neighbor? (Just another day in the hood)

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