The Amazing Rhythm Aces

My Tears Still Flow

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TESTO - The Amazing Rhythm Aces - My Tears Still Flow


TESTO - The Amazing Rhythm Aces - My Tears Still Flow

ok, I’m about to freestyle
but I’m not
a rapper
I'm no eminem, I'm definitely fatter

boy tried to roast donald trump for two kinds of things
bullshit the media spews or shit he does himself
but that's irrelevant just like his career
politics is not what brought anyone reading this here
no beat, no track, not even a rap
just thrown out words like cash at a club

not that I've ever been to one, I'm not a thug

I'm not even a rapper, more like a crapper
the shit I spew isn't any better than any other depressed kid under the weather
when you've been gifted understanding
that's when you know it doesn't exist
---- this shit
makes you wanna take your life
just one stroke of the knife
to end all this pain and strife
I'm not talking about this because it's relevant, to make some joke.
I'm not homeless, I'm not broke
but that doesn't mean I haven't lived it

wrote a note, ripped it
had a plan, skipped on it
makes you wonder
why are we here?
all we do is live in fear
fear of the unknown
fear of lying prone
not existing, always existing
what the ---- have I done
nobody deserves this
I've hated people, saw them dead in my brain
seen them slain
but I wouldn't ever wish this on them
what would you have to do?
what would you have to be?
Has some God figure done this to me?
Null hypothesis
not osteoporosis
shout out to the boy that ain't mine, someone tell that mans mother I'm proud
millions happy
I just leave people feeling crappy
you can tell me it isn't true
that I helped carry some burden for you
but I'm at the end of the song
"lean of me-"
"when you're not strong-"
I can't share my burden
but no sky
only more reasons
to cry
Nothing can break
the flow of consciousness that I make
but not
because everything ends
everything crumbles
even rubble
we're insulated
in our bubbles
all our troubles
kept in or pushed out
every fight
every bout
but that's not what I'm about
or am I?
Days on end, just talking to myself
because how can I know someone else
how could I ever love someone else
when I'm incapable of knowing or ever loving what I am
What is an end?
Is it a beginning?
Because if I die, who's really winning?
forget sinning?
I don't know
who does?
who can?
is there a master plan?
If a god exists, why has he allowed so many to be blasphemous?
How could a being even have such power
that it can create the ununderstandable?
the unrepremandable?
time, space
Or did we just make them up
we might just be alone
this could be it
our microbes, evolved over millions, billions of years
Complex strands or amino acids from a meteor strike
that burns and sears
tearing bonds apart, forming life in ash
a true start from an end
the curvature of the cycle, ever abend
An avid gamer
I can enjoy the grind
but not when this shit tears at my mind
I need a shortcut, some kind of code
to exit this gamemode
hold the power button
and feel everything slip away
but what if I'm not alone
I can't leave everyone else on their own
to see them die
to see them cry
to see them believe my lie
I couldn't live with myself
but isn't that the point?
What do I live for?
If it's other people then why do I have to get a degree
work a job?
meet other people?
Our lives are just numbers, so what separates us from machines or simulations?
how much money, how much time, how can you help me?
If my continued existence is worth so much than why can't I earn my living by doing that?
On a physical and emotional level
the older we get, the more fixed, the more rigid
bones fuse, paths close
you lose
Later in life, some take hard hits, tough changes
some are broken, some snap into place
I have no poker face
and life holds every ace
Before this hour
Before this moment
I was on the path of ruin
If it weren't for my friends, I wouldn't be alive to write this
Shoutouts to everyone I ever knew
My family has been better than I could ask for
Knowing some kids are raised in orphanages, sleepin on the floor
My closest friends, the people I couldn't do without
Please, never stop, never doubt
Even those I barely knew, from the bottom of my unfeeling heart (feelings come from the brain)
and even the bullies that I outgrew
I don't expect to understand what I meant to you
but I've been there, and I hope to understand you too
don't regret
what you can't change
I'll tell you a secret
Even the worst of you, kept me sane
I feel like I'm on a peak
Being below me doesn't make you weak
There's just something else I seek
it can't be found
in my hometown
nowhere around
I'm drowned
possibilities like water,
endlessly flowing
never not going
double negative
take a sedative
sinking lower
ears ringing like a lawn mower
went down with me
I see
and nothing
with a knowing smile, he points me to the cliff
I stand before a judge, a jury
anger, fury

I thought I was born for meritocracy
how much of a hypocrite can I be?
wanting to live for nothing
valued anyway
what price must I pay
I'm addicted to games
the people and goals that keep me going
but they come at a price
I don't think I can pay
No I'm not a woman, black, or gay
Oppression Olympics
Professional Gymnasts
in the mental department
I envy you,
Think about that
I would rather be you than me, don't try to lie and say the same to me
Is unquantifiable
if there's no goal
I want to live and love
love what I do
but what is love but a chemical reaction
just another goddamn distraction
but I can't get any traction
no attraction between me and life
Probably won't live to have a wife
You can go on and on
I'm out of the ordinary
that doesn't make me "AMAZING!" or "EXTRAordinary"
I'm not important, neither are you
not trying to put you down boo,
but it's true
Where do we come from though?
Where DO we go?
We're no more sure than Cotton-Eye-Joe
Is anything worth it?
What is it?
Was ist das?
'cause all I see is lost.
I talk the talk
Walk the walk
Why does everyone gawk?
Shove it
By it I mean a sock
get your foot in
You're living, not no rock
still double negative
but two wrongs, two lefts, hundreds of amendments, don't make one right
there's no positive in this
and if you think there is
I'm not a goth
it's not a phase
living in doubt
born and raised
Is there nothing I wouldn't trade?
For peace, bliss, and some form of aid?
I don't understand romance
maybe I'm gay?
hope the christian god is fake
or I'd have hell to pay
literally, what is going on with religion?
this BS requirement of having to go to school?
I don't want to keep living like a ghoul
having to outlast
every other poor soul trapped in this hamster wheel
no appeal
the court has decided
that we can't be united
so we FIGHT
we tear ourselves APART
all in the name of heart
seeing the wheel would be a start
I'm the real deal
no time to LARP
speaking of role play
where's the supporters?
where's the haters?
no one cares
I might as well be like "laters!"
but as of today, that's not who I am
I'm not gonna let others tell me whether I can
My way or the highway
I'll take the fast lane
life's plain
just a drain
and people tell you to slow down and appreciate it
but why be run by fate
when you can run it
Who said you aren't fit?
and why would you listen to anyone who tells you to quit?
Ok druggies, I haven't gotten to you, but I'm not just gonna spout the stuff I learned in school
You're real people
with real problems
real pain
and I'm not a personal trainer,
It takes a personal plan to make gains
It also takes what makes you, you
How can you ever expect someone else to solve your problems
that line of reasoning brought me to the edge of suicide
do or die
but I suppose I'm along for the ride
A matter of pride
A matter aside
brain fried
yet we're all the same
Even the most unrecognizable
but still a human being
no act
at birth, signed a blood pact with our lives as a pen
a deal with our inner devils
a bet we'll never win
a complex tapestry left aspin
choke down an aspirin
Despise the pain inside
Without it you could have happiness
the theoretical "lover's kiss"
but such a reality cannot exist
The truth you won't find in any dictionary
quite contrary
is that the homo sapien translates to human pain
In a primordial language yet unspoken
a bridge burned and broken
a shiver and a word now spoken
a woken toad
startling croaking
burden toting
across a sea of ancestors
a path paved in suffering, sustained by our puppeteering subconscious
seeking to contain
of us
What even is trust
another falsehood, another bust
We seek the core, but can't break the crust
A mantel, upon our shoulders
the greatest boulders
our lives, smolders
we are the finite
age-long efforts, come to light
everyday, we'll be done tonight
nothing changes
nothing's the same
feel the rhythm of the rain
burn to death in pain
not until then, hath the wise men came
did they not dane?
Oaken bearded, wizened cane
One with the past, yet they came
Stranded in the present, looking to the past
but the future is unbeknownst to them
The past can no more guide the future
than a blind man can guide the gifted
Protest as you like
Shed more blood
Cause more strife
It's sickening
A blight on plight
A light in the light
light in the dark shines like a beacon
"join us in being surrounded by the unknown"
it's better than being alone
dark within darkness
light within light
left or right
A soaring kite
loses its majesty, in the night
The state of humanity
makes me wanna throw up
not blown up
unlike ISIS
who cry "fight this"
I just want out of this
pretend it doesn't exist
We are not equal
I'd rather segregation
no affiliation with any sort of racial shit
whether or not you believe it, I've had more friends "of color" than not
so shut your racist clot
Because I don't judge or treat people I don't know differently like that
So if there is a racist here...
I'm not.
looking like the borg
www dot collective dot org
don't talk about a demographic, as if that makes them the same
It's honestly tragic, that people buy into this game
tangent aside, I cannot abide by your view of reality
Fracture fragility
Deny invisibility
When you rely on feasibility
and eschew responsibility
you inevitably favor visibility over logic
Despite the turnout
I'm not about to burnout
I'ma churn-out
that which threatens to burst out
2:22 am and yet I can't seem to find an end an end too
trapped like Anbu in a crumbling kingdom
but I'm not dumb
scratch that
can't stay on track
mind ransacked
brain bandits
sand nits
searching far and wide, across the dunes of my shrunken Striatum
for puns which pundits craft into a seamless tapestry
with apathy, tragedy
the sight of me, unlikely
a discovery
of one man's invisibility
in a sea
of disinterest
Innately selfish creatures
we work in communities, for ourselves
The hardworking prop up capitalism
The lazy yet free, communism
Self benefit is always priority one.
Caring about appearance and adherence
over true existence
Not unabated, never unrelated
Reality calls, but you left your phone on silent.

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