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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di My Morphine di Gillian Welch contenuta nell'album Hell Among The Yearlings. “My Morphine” è una canzone di Gillian Welch. My Morphine Lyrics.

TESTO - Gillian Welch - My Morphine


TESTO - Gillian Welch - My Morphine

I looked around and all up and down
I never wasted time on two or three
There's only one girl for me

There was a time she used to treat me fine
But lately she's been acting awful stoned
Makes a man weep alone

Eye dee oh lay ee tee
Eye dee leeldle odle ay oo ee tee
Eye dee oh lee tee
Lee tee
Deedle ohdle lee tee
My morphine be the death of me

You should have seen me and my morphine
When we used to go dancing in the war
Spin me right off the floor


Morphine, morphine, what made you so mean?
You never used to do me like you do
Where's that sweet gal I knew?


My morphine


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