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Make a Mall

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Make a Mall di Preme contenuta nell'album Make a Mall. “Make a Mall” è una canzone di Preme. Make a Mall Lyrics.

TESTO - Preme - Make a Mall

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TESTO - Preme - Make a Mall


I'm tryna muster up the strength to handle all of it (All of it)
Every time you call, I make a ball of it (Ball of it)
I'm tryna change your closet, make a mall of it (Yeah)
I'm tryna meet your friend, and then go ball on 'em

I tell you, you can't turn a real nigga to a sucka
I know a lot of motherfuckers that don't fuck no mothers
And I won't lie, he dead prezzi, niggas dangerous
And they ain't even clutchin', yeah
Good things on my mind, it's not the time to be lazy
Only at the jewelers when it's time to go crazy
Hold the other line, I'm talkin' money right now, baby

A-List bitch, in my G-Wag', baby
Shе extra safe in my bulletproof 'Cеdes
I hopp out and the hoes go crazy
Rose gold like the skin tone on my lady
Christmas tree 'round my neck, two-fifty
They ask why I bought this shit, 'cause I'm litty
Drop a hunnid bands on my thugs, no kizzy
I ain't never ran, but I run my city
Yeah, and she so pretty, always too busy
But ain't too busy to miss me
In it for the long run, you ain't with the quickie

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