The Altered

Losing Myself

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TESTO - The Altered - Losing Myself


TESTO - The Altered - Losing Myself

Life fades in the sand of evolution
Confusion and choosing a path to retribution
No solution from ten years of drug abusing
Losing myself in the conclusion
Answers come hard cuz distribution of the truth has pollution
200 years of Constitution
Reducing my freedoms so I don't need um, lead um back to the start
We's a long way from meeting but came back from the heart
Instead of acting the part I'd rather pack up the ark
And flood all them snakes til I shine through the dark
See my mind is the spark, ignite the gourd of conscious thinking
Sinking in the quicksands a time a missing link in the line
Divine design created mankind
Theories of evolution got you losing your shine
You're choosing a ?? of God's wrath to fill your glass
Add it all up but y'all still don't know the half
To know the path but to walk it is something different
I'm running toward the Lord so fast I'm doing wind sprints
The only difference is that the distance keeps on moving
Every step I take adds the two more I am losing

You lucky you a witness to the ?? taking euphoria
The war's on, stick a sword in the chest of the beast
The sets lets me teach hollow cryptic omni scripts
Great ?? I'm lifted, when I'm rhyming sick shit
I'm tryna listen to that angel on my shoulder, I find I'm gifted
I feel this place is almost over, a shining vision
To radiate through this unholy globe, ?? and wisdom
Aviate like the dro taking over souls
Emulsions flow, I can't control what I'm feeling
Blow up shows, clench mics and put a hole through the ceiling
We raise a fist for the craziest, Bad Karma
We part the sea, open skies as we blazing spliffs
Think you gathering that? you shatter as I erase your diss
You ain't facing this, even Masons split when I play my shit
Drowning in a basin, a wasted space and spitting down in my basement
With wasted faces, creation's basic, I'm way beyond human anatomy
I perform and let a storm of truth come out of me

I'm far from human, Mad fuming like Alfred E. Neuman
Consuming acid chewing, life's a show I'm playing Truman
Pick conclusion, it's all a wall of illusion
Fall to the confusion of a mental institution
My solution's using the mic ??
Plus God's title has no rival, in hell I seek survival
Won't wait the cold arrival of a soulless idol
Final part of his plan to contraband the son of man
Where fags are more accepted than a sacrificial lamb
Fan the flames, hell remains holding chains
To enslave the brains of our children so they behave the same
Paved terrain, join the train aimed for hell's domain
Ghosts in shells hate themselves cuz they can't maintain
The pain inside when His light has been denied
And can't see the truth with their eyes opened wide
Teach us lies, supply the way to drug us up
Give um Ritalin, shut the little fucker up
Sit and duck, struck for the test they possess
Fill um up with lies, television does the rest
Repressed for recess, let um out for half an hour
Where weeds that remain suffocate a growing flower
Power of the mind doesn't shine once again
Rob you of yourself, turn you into one of them
Only if you plan with your friends following
Where coolness depends on drugs you swallowing
Hollow in life is the price of the rush
Following mice instead of Christ is enough
To stuff the cemetery with futures we can bury
Screaming revolution, you ain't revolutionary
Screaming revolution, you ain't revolutionary

Yo I'm ready to take on the world plus some
I'm down to get us killed to instill where we come from
Something bout the one love, how we really ?? through this mess
Challenging the limits, stay ?? true for the test
In cyphers confess my soul, escape never ending war
Inhale deep through flesh, express the metaphor
How I feel life, examine clarity logically
See the future through prophecy
Connect the interconnections symbolically to define the lines to clarify
Apparently the energy ain't as apparent it seems
That's why I stare through your dreams with transparent means
Realize they make you stay in school but they don't teach you shit
Kids forced into they own thoughts and they couldn't believe in this
Lost thoughts with inspiration, put that faith to cease and strips
Meant to heal, sacred seal deep in ?? spit
Reflect to shine prisms of the spectrum
And taint the eyes of the pyramid's reflection
Just infect your knowledge, young kids is starving
Harmless is the yard wishing on a star, real issues never get faced
Where a politician stands resembles his face
See through as the evil indoctrines befallen
Fight to gain freedom but still they ignore it
In this modern day matrix, where they rub it in your faces
And you take it, considering what you been giving on top of what you face
With you sometimes I hate it but love is above
There's so much to know and no one knows enough
What you think defines you, leave the past behind you
What I say don't mean anything compared to what I've seen
And everything that within, telekinetics ain't possible
This song embedded in obvious hostile environment
The government disrupted the process of enlightenment
But fuck it, prime resisted key
One in the heart but I live through words subconsciously
I've constantly spoken honestly
Cherish the beat, time won't slip with a grip on the reach
Shift and release, relate to peace
Keep from grasping meaning, seeking to find ?? deep in the mind

I try to hold fate, lost control and felt my soul shake
The vibration shook the foundation to the gold gates
My shoulders hold weight, ten folding my condense soul
Dispense gold, then intense events my pen hold
It's been cold, stuck in a lifelong ice storm
On dark streets where my heart beat plays my fight song
God answers my thoughts as I stand in a frost
Stranded in the land of the lost both hands on a cross
And you already late so quicken that steady pace
And watch every snake get ?? ground in a great flow when the levee breaks
It's a heavy weight, in one minute I'll run with it but pass
Demons I'm haunting, if you want it then come get it
You've done did it, I've hung gillics for less
Face to face with fate, embrace this vintage image of death
Then it limits my breath the minute I step towards the beast's lair
Raging emotions growing just knowing that he'll be there
The day of reckoning, fuck the here and present things
I sever strings from the puppeteer, you fucks should fear the peasant king
You try to give sight under the dim light of midnight
You can bet it sucks getting fucked by that bitch life
It's must that drips off the succulent succubus
I puff my spliff, walk off screaming I can't fuck with this
Disgusted with the beast that come to cuff my wrists
Running blind tryna find without illustrious justices

The road is long, we go it cold and holding on
Singing a soldier's song til we're cold and gone
Cuz life's a bitch and reality's twice as sick
So we laugh lighting spliffs, seeking righteousness

Yeah, what. Bad Karma. Black cats crossing. Crossing your path. Blood your soul. Piss on your parade mothafucker. It's coming for you. Lock your doors. Barricade your entrances. Martial Law's on the rise. Accept the young ones. The future ain't safe. End is near

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