Cisco Houston

Little Joe, the Wrangler

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Little Joe, the Wrangler di Cisco Houston contenuta nell'album 900 Miles and other R.R. Songs. “Little Joe, the Wrangler” è una canzone di Cisco Houston. Little Joe, the Wrangler Lyrics.

TESTO - Cisco Houston - Little Joe, the Wrangler


TESTO - Cisco Houston - Little Joe, the Wrangler

He was little Joe, the wrangler
He'll wrangle nevermore
His days with the remuda, they are o'er
Was a year ago last April
That he rode into our camp
Just a little Texas stray and all alone

His saddle was a Texas kak
Made many years ago
With an OK spur on one foot lightly slung
His bedroll in the cotton sack
Was loosely tied behind
And his canteen o'er his saddle horn was hung

He said if we would give him work
He'd do the best he could
Though he didn't know straight up about a cow
So the boss he cut him out a mount
And he kindly put him on
Cause he sort o' liked this little kid somehow

He learned to wrangle horses
And know 'em all by name
And get them in by daybreak, if he could
To follow the chuckwagon
And always hitch the team
And help the Cocinero rustle wood
Well, we'd driven down the Pecos
The weather being fine
We camped on the south side in a bend
When a norther started blowin'
And we called out every man
For it'd taken all us hands to hold 'em in

Well, Little Joe, the wrangler
Was called out with the rest
Although the kid had scarcely reached the herd
When the cattle they stampeded
Like a hailstorm 'long they fled
And we was all a' ridin' for the lead

Amid'st the streaks of lightin'
We could see a horse ahead
T'was little Joe, the wrangler, in the lead
He was ridin' old Blue Rocket
With a slicker o'er his head
A tryin' to check the cattle in their speed

At last we got them millin'
And kind'a quieted down
And the extra guard back to the wagon went
But one o' them was missin'
And we knew it at a glance
Was our little Texas stray, poor wrangling Joe
Next mornin', just at daybreak
We found where Rocket fell
In a washout twenty feet below
And beneath his horse, smashed to a pulp
His spur had rung the knell
Was a little Texas stray, poor wranglin' Joe

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