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TESTO - Kansas - Lightning’s Hand


TESTO - Kansas - Lightning’s Hand

Can you see me, do you know my position, how quick is your eye?
I have no home, no reason to roam, yet I travel the length of the sky
I stretch my fingers jagged icy white 'till my energy's all around
My clutch is swift, my force is fearful, I convey it without a sound
I live to free the skies from everyone, watch me run - watch me

The north wind rises, old man's eyes wondering deeply as he locks his door
He knows the fear when I'm too near him, he's seen me angry before
The black intruding clouds approach as I release a destructive blow
All the crashing, all the flashing light brings terror upon my foe
I fight with force and power for my land
I command the lightning's hand!

(Run for cover) Oh your life is in vain if you try to escape me
(Don't look back) Oh your wealthy world cannot save you
Cause I'm gonna break you
I hear them moan, I hear them weep because they feel I belong to the devil
They feel the pain, and will again 'till they stop reaching up for this level
No one will defeat me, no one can
I command the lightning's hand!
I command the lightning's hand!
I command the lightning's hand!
I command the lightning's hand!

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