Martina McBride

Life #9

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Life #9 di Martina McBride . “Life #9” è una canzone di Martina McBride. Life #9 Lyrics.

TESTO - Martina McBride - Life #9

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TESTO - Martina McBride - Life #9

You don't tell me no stories
I don't want to hear no lies
No reasons or excuses
None of your alibis
The phone rings I pick it up
Nobody's on the line
I know she's waiting for you
She's just biding her time
You'd have me believe
It's just a night out with your friends
But I know you're going back
To see her again

You're stealing love, living on life # 9
Breaking my heart, living on borrowed time
You're catting around, playing with fire
You're stealing love, living on life # 9

You're running on empty
Troubles on every side
You've used up your last chance
You've got no place to hide
I'm tired of these heartaches
Tired of living a lie
Go to her, she's waiting
But someday you're going to find
The grass ain't always
Greener on the other side
And now what you thought was love
Was what you left behind

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