DJ Kool

Let Me Clear My Throat

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TESTO - DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat


TESTO - DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat

I know I'm late to the roasting session, but uh

You black lookin' boy
Wack lookin' boy
I can't get off crack lookin' boy
You fake pimp wannabe mack lookin' boy
No girl, so I jack lookin' boy
Weak lookin' boy, weak lookin' boy
Saved by the bell, you Screech lookin' boy
Red-head, Nickelodeon, Pete and Pete lookin' boy
Gay lookin' boy, hey lookin' boy
High top fade, Play lookin' boy
(You're officially tuned in) Ol' BK lookin' boy
Girl lookin' boy, say lookin' boy
Hurricane A Bay Bay lookin' boy
"Hang that nigga now!" KKK lookin' boy
Plain lookin' boy, chain lookin' boy
White T-shirt with his thing lookin' boy
"Mmmwah. I love you, Daddy" Lil' Wayne lookin' boy
Kay she all gay lookin' boy
Goon lookin' boy, fool lookin' boy
*snorts* "Did I do that?" Steven Q lookin' boy
A lookin' boy, B lookin' boy
I don't even know what that mean lookin' boy
"You want me to do 'em, sir" Oh Jay-Z lookin' boy
*scratch* DJ Q lookin' boy
Ah Ah Choo lookin' boy
Wannabe chief wa
L, fr-fr-fresh, not cool lookin' boy

Alright, now it's time for me to get at the females

You old fake lookin' broad
Ape lookin' broad
Wear a big pad in your bra lookin' broad
Take you home from the club, take your shirt off
No titties at all lookin' broad
Swear you cute up in the mall lookin' broad
Somebody better get this dog lookin' broad
Star Jones way before she was a star lookin' broad
Oops, I thought you was a dude lookin' broad
Big ass two on who lookin' broad
"A hundred dollar bills, look at you, look at you" lookin' broad
Ponytail, side of your hair lookin' broad
Way too many bracelets lookin' broad
"Me and my goony bitches out here on these hoes, like duh, yeah, we be"
Tip lookin' broad

You old
"Let me clear my throat" DJ Kool lookin' boy
Out the sky, blue lookin' boy
Nigga, who the hell is you lookin' boy
Still can't tie your shoe lookin' boy
Running round like you two lookin' boy
"You can't catch me, nani nani boo boo" lookin' boy
Black lookin' boy, wack lookin' boy
Didn't I already say that lookin' boy
"Hey, you seen that motherfucker Johnny?" Bernie Mac lookin' boy
Bum lookin' boy, tat lookin' boy
Don't know how to act lookin' boy
Dude, you getting a deal
Cause you can't afford Mac lookin' boy

And you, I don't even know what you are

You old
Rat lookin' ass nigga, mouse lookin' ass
So ugly it hurts, ouch lookin' ass nigga
Tom Cruise jumping on the couch lookin' ass nigga
Strike, 1, 2, 3, out lookin' ass nigga
It lookin' ass nigga, thing lookin' ass nigga
I see you, I run lookin' ass nigga
Bum bum be dum bum bum be dumb lookin' ass nigga
Still suck your thumb lookin' ass nigga
Don't know the words, so you hum lookin' ass nigga
Hey lookin' ass nigga, wave lookin' ass nigga
Wow, Flava Flav lookin' ass nigga
Pussy and my money Monday lookin' ass nigga
It's Friday, you late lookin' ass nigga
Is that your girlfriend lookin' like Planet of the Apes lookin' ass nigga

You know I have to get 'em
Sorry I have to get 'em
Shout out to, uh, Hotstylz, um
People come up with this craziness, uh
Man, this was fun
Don't take no offense, no one
And uh, I'm done, signing out

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