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Lucy Dacus

Kissing Lessons

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Kissing Lessons di Lucy Dacus contenuta nell'album Kissing Lessons. “Kissing Lessons” è una canzone di Lucy Dacus. Kissing Lessons Lyrics.

TESTO - Lucy Dacus - Kissing Lessons

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TESTO - Lucy Dacus - Kissing Lessons

Rachel was a year older
When I was in the second grade
I thought she might know everything
I took her word like a golden ring
I asked her how to win my man
And she said, 'I know just the thing'
Gave me lip gloss and a hair toss
And after school, a lesson in kissing

She called me by the name of a crush
I couldn't decide if she was Cole or Justin
I think I called her baby or darling most the time

We'd take turns being seduced
Imagining the day it would come into use
Imagining the day we'd start breaking hearts
And taking names
She wanted a three-story house
I wanted to live by a body of water
With my children and their father
Children and their father
Three sons and a beautiful daughter (Oh)

Rachel's family moved out of town
I don't remember when we stopped hanging out
But I still wear a letter R charm on my bracelet
And wonder if she thinks of me as her first kiss

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