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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Junkie Nurse di Royal Trux contenuta nell'album Platinum Tips + Ice Cream. “Junkie Nurse” è una canzone di Royal Trux. Junkie Nurse Lyrics.

TESTO - Royal Trux - Junkie Nurse


TESTO - Royal Trux - Junkie Nurse

Junkie nurse, o junkie nurse
I met you on 11th street
You dropped by and got me high
Your smile just leave me beat

Junkie nurse, o junkie nurse
I could not love you more,
Since I found out you keep the keys
To the safe on the second floor

Lovely nurse, my junkie nurse
I never wanna burn you down
So just bring me a prescription
When you next come downtown
Dr. Moans or Dr. Jones,
It makes no difference
If he ever cuts you off
He'll loose his own licence

Junkie nurse, oh junkie nurse
Where ever have you been?
It's pouring rain,
I'm five hours straight
Will you ever be back again?
I call the doc and he's in shock
The shit has hit the feds
Safe as coal he's in the hole
And I'm right off my head


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