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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di JUMANJI di Mace Supreme contenuta nell'album JUMANJI. “JUMANJI” è una canzone di Mace Supreme. JUMANJI Lyrics.

TESTO - Mace Supreme - JUMANJI

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TESTO - Mace Supreme - JUMANJI

E-E-E-Energy made this one!
Woah, woah
Yeah, do the dance in this bitch, uh
I'm gonna do the dance in this bitch, uh

Walked in with a magic glove, feel like Mike Jackson
Ballin' like I’m going to the league, bitch, I got drafted
Pour another four in the cup, might just start spazzin'
Ridin' and I’m going top speed, might just start crashin'
Said she want a Birkin for a purse, guess she high fashion
I just spent two-hundred on a Porsche, I can’t stop cappin'
All these niggas beggin' for a verse, nigga, stop askin'
Pull up on your block with that heat, might just start action
I'm a skinny nigga, pockets fat like it’s Rasputia
All these niggas wanna be my clone like a jet trooper
Freaky littlе bitch play with balls like a pet cougar
Pin her to thе ground down the count, call me Lex Luger
Heard she out there begging for a ride, call the next Uber
I just copped some ice from Johnny dang, that’s my neck jeweler
Movie bitch hit me with the, 'Uh', that’s a set blooper
Guess that I’m the man of her dreams, call me Fred Krueger
Ummm, I need a thick bitch
Nigga said he bought a Rollie, nigga, that’s a Fitbit
I just took a nigga bitch, sorry if I hit it
Now I’m chillin' at his wifey crib, pay me for a visit
Yeah I admit it, I didn’t finish
Beat it like I’m Michael, yeah, I hit it and I split it
I can’t never keep a bitch, can’t never stay committed
I just get the baddest bitch and hit it say I did it

Hahaha alright
I just want the baddest bitch on my team
I be mad as fuck when I’m OT without no lean
I got a bad ass bitch, she so bad, she so mean
Nigga you ain’t got no bag, you a user, you a fiend
Nigga said he was gonna what? Nigga yeah in your dreams
Young nigga still living with his granny eating collard bones and greens
You a grown-ass man you need to leave
Damn I need some Zaza, call the plug I need some weed
Get some head from yo granny when she done pick up her teeth
Nigga he ain’t got no money cause you 'cause you-, ahhhh
'Cause you cheap
You was standing in the corner, I was probably in the streets
I ain’t never lost a game I can’t lose, undefeated
Bitch give me good head clean it up, she so neat
Had to hit it out of town at a room we lowkey
I be probably ducked off out the way, you know me
Hundred thousand ain't shit it’s like to me you can’t see
I’m boutta buy this bad ass bitch a book, can you read?
Bitch I tried to ask you nicely to get out, can you leave?

Uh, wait, hold on that’s the coochie man
Pull up in a Honda wanna fuck, this my doonie van
Recordin' shit and goin' live bitch, this my movie plan
Choppa spray like, “Du du du”, you move like the coochie dance
I just matched a bad ass bitch, told her, 'Give it up'
Ubered to my house, 3 AM, only tryna fuck
Askin can I take her home, need to go find a bus
Talking bout she broke as hell, look like I give a fuck?
She goin' down and open wide, shawty gone eat it up
Bend it overtake the pipe, you know that I beat it up
Girlfriend comin' back into the house, gotta speed it up
Skeeted on the floor, man, you know she gone clean it up

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