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TESTO - EAZ - Juicy

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TESTO - EAZ - Juicy

It was all a dream
I used to-
All a dream

Yeah, they want less of you, they want more of me (Yeah) (More of me)
Told you stay at home, that's a quarantine
Watch me pour a quart of lean, smoke a quart of weed (Glub glub glub glub)
I'm on tour, North Dakota, New Orleans (Dream)
(Yeah) It's a dream like how Biggie said
50 reds, twenty-five hundred for 50 minute sets
Yeah, It's Eazy, "Am I winning yet?"
XO to all my friends, now they really dead
Yeah, I'm an addict, I'm honest
I eat too many bananas, my funny habits are toxic
I hit the planet like comets, and keep on laughing at comments
When people asking my problem I tell 'em, "Batman and Robin (Nanana)
They thought I lost it, then saw me walk up the mall wit'
Nikki Minaj when she offered to try to give me massages (Massages)
I accepted offer then brought her to Remy Ma's
Had an orgy wit' no condoms and now I'm thinking, "I got this" (All a dream)
Foot inside the industry, now they bring me deposits *Mario Coin*
Couldn't find me visually, now they think he's a profit
Never signed a t'ing with me, only pinky the promise
Getting high is simply how we get in the cockpit (Cockpit-pit-pit) *Plane takes off*
With models, and bubbley, and lots of roses *Pop*
Please no cuddling, I'm claustrophobic
Just lick lick lick like a Popsicle stick
Got a pool with a view, now that's not the ocean (Yeah) *Splash*
But I came to rock the boat (Rock the boat)
You gay, you dropped the soap it's
Wait, too late to stop my glow bitch (Bitch)

I could kidnap Drake
Make him binge crap vapes 'til he lives that way
From Philly to Tampa
I'm fillin' his pancakes with pillies he can't taste (Can't taste)

Might say mob ties, Sicilian handshakes
Right place, wrong time, civilian pathways
Watch guy died twice, it's really a matinee

I'm killin' the valet, then stealin' the man's Rafe
Come look at the inside, chameleon black paint
I'm puttin' it in drive, and spillin' the champagne
And fixin' the rap game, delivery crack cocaine
Cut the brick with a kitchen knife
Goldie brought the stick, it ain't Fisher Price *Gunshots*
Peruvian pills, they my kryptonite
If the groupie has skills, then the bitch a dyke
We can Lucy and chill, have a different night
Watch a movie in the hills, you should bring a Sprite
Mix mix mix wit' a bit of ice
Mix mix mix then I did it right (Id a id a id a)
Critics all hate me (He's on drugs)
Tell these bums they can feast on my pecan nuts
Tell these asses the reasons I'm Elon Musk
And how the future of the music is all streams of us (Bitch)
But really really streams of me
Told y'all this how Eazy does it, but wasn't talkin' Eazy-E

Cruisin' down the street
Boy you should have known by now
Cruisin' down the street in my 6-4
Hit me back
Cruisin' down the street
B-boy you should have- Eazy does it
Cruisin' down the street in my 6-4
Gimmie back, Gimmie back, Gimmie back nothin'

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