James McMurtry

Jaws of Life

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Jaws of Life di James McMurtry . “Jaws of Life” è una canzone di James McMurtry. Jaws of Life Lyrics.

TESTO - James McMurtry - Jaws of Life


TESTO - James McMurtry - Jaws of Life

It's like they want to say man what's happened to you
I've got aches and pains where I didn't used to
And I kind of hope they've got 'em too
They're too polite to be direct
Too uptight to really connect
Scared to see our own reflection
Caught in the jaws of life
Caught in the jaws of life
Found myself chewed up like everyone else
It Made no difference what I thought
And who I was I still got caught
In the jaws of life
I walked in and I looked around
You never saw such a burned out crowd
Somebody said Boy don't be thinking out loud
Because you know some of us were so proud
Just like you we had our days
You'd be surprised how fast they slipped away
We started out so young and bold
Now we're just a few more mortal souls
In the jaws of life
Since those days it's been so long
Done some good and I done some wrong
Done some things I can tell you son
That If I'd known better I'd never have done
Still I search for something I can't see
They don't have what I need at the A&P
Better send John Wayne with the cavalry
Hope he gets here in time to rescue me
From the jaws of life


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