Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Ja-Da di Stuff Smith e Dizzy Gillespie Oscar Peterson contenuta nell'album Stuff Smith/ Dizzy Gillespie/ Oscar Peterson. “Ja-Da” è una canzone di Stuff Smith. Ja-Da Lyrics.

TESTO - Stuff Smith - Ja-Da


TESTO - Stuff Smith - Ja-Da

I got a O-lo what you finna bite this bitch up TNT I'm telling ya
3rd and the 4th in the field! (Ayy) I like it! (Ayy, Ayy)

You just wanna joyride and I ain't on that shit
Hollering bout what I'm tryna do let's hit a spin
I'm askin' do that boy got some pressure get in the wind
Cause a steppa ain't gon' talk 'bout the actions that he done did
A flag on the play cause he flaggin' a penitent
Like where the fuck the play 'cause we tryna get in the shit
It's Halloween today I got 'em booted in this bitch
Pull up to where he lay they tryna run he meet the shit
Young nigga I won't flex that's on all of my mama kids
Including me I'm talkin' It's greater than what it is
Like what the fuck yo' purpose I'm in it for why you is
Cause mama she was hurtin' and strugglin' to pay the bill
Own vowed to myself got on one knee I took a will
I'm a Smith but this here Jada Pinkett set it off for real
3 even wolf you better take it there and slap him with the steel
You fell off in the streets without a purpose be for real
I'm a slimeball I'm talkin' any nigga can get killed
Fuck all y'all 'cause y'all ain't feel the pain that I done feel
The cards that I done dealt talkin' no shelter or no help
Like what's the fuckin' difference between a cover and a quilt
Better catch up call you mustard I done dust him in the rear
It get greater later I saved the day the alligator
Told me boy you can't be goin' to jail 'cause you the generator
If the sources will go down then how the fuck you gon' have cable
I'm stable look I'm bout to buy my mama house
And rent mine for 6 months 'cause I might wanna move around
Got a set who the boolin' for when it's going down
You the type to throw a diss and hide yo head when shit come round

Pussy, ayy (Woooah why you did that?)
You hid yo' head when shit came round (I'm talkin' 'bout why you did that?)
Switchin' up the flow I'm bout to switch it up like now (Like why the fuck you done did that?)
Teach a nigga somethin' I'm 'bout to teach you something okay
Jit you know G9 he the man with this shit you know what I'm sayin' I done did somethin' I ain't mean to do nothin'
Ayy, 5 songs on this 1 beat on this tape come on (5 songs on this 1 fuckin' beat)
9lokknine you get 9lokknine a little bit of Quay

Ayy, they tryna say I'm tryna be somethin' I ain't but look

(Verse 2)
You put your left foot in you take the Glock 9 out
It's like the break of dawn I done brought the hot sun out
You better run cause we ain't playin' this is not fun guy
You got some debt that you gone pay lil bruh I'm not gon' lie
My momma told me get a job but I ain't never apply
If that's yo bitch why she keep textin' me I never reply
I say for years she get the best of me the rest of her life
Say I'm the chef I got the recipe to all of the pie
And all these rappers really sesame I ain't like nobody
Since yall claimin' that yall own it nigga show me you bout it
Bitch I'm grillin' my opponents like fuck all the opposites
A new area in the city nigga bodies is droppin'
Got a advance from Birdman took my nigga and them shoppin'
That lil hoe gon' eat the dick boy its somethin' bout her noggin
Everbody know G9 he be screamin Five poppin
Niggas talkin' bout they steppas but ain't popped at nobody
Talkin' playin' off them xans when he viewin' he slayin'
Whether its begin or where it end when a fuck nigga land
Bitch I ain't playin' I ain't jokin' yall gon' feel what I'm sayin'
I'm so sorry way I spoke to y'all just like what I'm sayin'
Tryna reiterate my words and my slurs just forget that
I just got a Glock 30 S with no kickback
Tell all the DJs in the club run this shit back
Some they gon' hate might even think that this a diss track
I don't give a fuck cause Halloween get a Kit
Think round a couple months ago I dropped Kni
KK Kna
Patty whack she hollerin' Mr. Krabs like give my money back
Yuh aye yuh another song jit I'm gon' double that
Yuh Aye Yuh!! (Water break!!)
It's Double K aye nahh its Double M nigga murder murder!!
Oh bitch I'm murder murder
Who is them I never heard em?
Yuh uh above the rim yuh Irk em
Yuh I got the stone stuffed all in my girdle
Uh huh that murder murder
Yuh yuh yuh yuh (Yuh x10)

(Verse 3)
I'm blowin' presidential kush Backwood he Swisher sweet
These niggas thuggin' with that iron they better leave it in the streets
I know that boy gon' die so if he catch him R.I.P
These niggas sayin' they on this they better leave it in the street
Like the lines in that road I know my niggas they concrete
I know you listen to my songs and you be likin' what I speak
I told my nigga to hold on you know I got you that's on speed
She said she tired of them niggas girl speaked instead of me
I pulled under 6 feet under that's my fault that shit on me
I brought that Thunder yeah that Thunder I ain't talkin' OKC
I love my momma on my momma boy I'm rappin' what I speak
I fuck with Savage and Lil Minnie and you know I'm strong by me
I fuck with Robert he gon' rob them and strip 'em to his feet
He say he shootin' from his third eye cause really he can't see
And Lil Buck gon' buckaroo he finessin' off his peak
I'm with 2 Fever and Lil Nina can't forget about OD
I got Lil Nugget on the track Yung Tago on the beat
I like this beat so double back I wanna talk I wanna speak
Remember swangin' niggas block we in a stolo we 4 deep
30 extension on the Glock I let off 13 quick as heat
I'm lettin' Goan bend the curb turned the block into the sea
I mix my nouns with some verbs but it woke you out yo sleep
When they hear that Glocktober they gon' keep it on repeat
Certified soldier when she squeeze all on my tea
Don't make me pop the trunk now I just planned to sit in seats
Free that nigga Dump from Winter Garden WG
Leave a nigga stumped I begged his pardon cause he stank
I'm knockin' off a trunk so might prolly can't even think
Remember pipin' on a buck we found Jeonnie eatin' trays
I like if it really up then you get stuck I won't complain
I got a Glock 9 in case you reachin' for a chain
Got precision with this bitch uh uh I can't be tamed
Lowkey need some glasses but I bet Lil Nine could aim
I'm shootin' in her mouth but it's like dunkin' in her face
Remember was a drought but not another rainy day
I invested in a lotta ammo and Russian Ks
Yuh yuh I left that smoke and that's what up
You left the smoke well now it's stuck
Yuh Okay Lil Nine okay yuh uh huh
Aye Act like a gnome you get bust
Aye Lil Nine who I trust
Only Lil Nine who I trust
Aye AFNF that's who I lust
Uh huh aye yeah this shit here rushed
(Hold on) (Uh huh) (Aye) (Yuh yuh) (Bitch!!)
Give them another song, make em feel this shit

(Verse 4)
I remember couple months ago I ain't had nothin'
Now I got a bank account 7 figures and then somethin'
My Lil brotha don't like to think about it then crash for me
Talm bout some peeps bloodline they had to air for me
Told him say "why you got that strap yeen gon' fuck nothin'"
Free my brotha 30 he a freak that boy love fuckin'
Told em blow this 30 clip, plus 5 thats the rent on him
Magazines filled with some hollow tips, how I blatt homie
Big bruh don' went state, black and white turned ref on em
You don' wanna see yourself in that dress, put a vest on em
Only way it end, shit a nigga gotta rest on em
Counting all my sins and the sin that I just blessed on em
Cause We ain't married, happy family shit I guess so
I was in the county, eatin' green beans and cold baloney
Nigga ain't my homie, shit he barely even much fuckin' know me
Ballin' going Kobe cause the Spurs ain't shit even with Ginobili
Pay up bitch you owe me, freestyle I be really domin'
Writin' all these rhymes, I spit it and them people quote me
Streets say I'm chosen no jokin' it's just way I'm spoken
Not been how I'm speakin' if I up it then bitch I mean it
I been on the road catchin' flights I'm all to Venus
Countin' all these racks with her twin that's Serena Williams
Nigga tryna play me like a game but I'm the fuckin' teacher
Short attention span when I get mad boy this shit get evil
Fear no people that's gon' bleed how I bleed too
Wanna get a coupe but after gon' call my shoota ain't got the roof
Ima get a truck post up nigga me and Gwup
Factory no dove won't even want dis bitch sittin' up
Used to ridin' stolos everywhere you manuever duh
Ion like that attention stuff see you want attention huh
You ain't even doin' shit you rappin bout I listen bruh
You just out here runnin' yo lil dicksucker yappin' stuff
Knew lil bruh was on that snapback shit that cappin' stuff
I know they gon' think this a diss how I be snappin' huh
Everybody know them YJBs they be wrappin' stuff
Gift wrap ya ass and send that bitch to your mami boy
Hotter than a heater but you fish grease like a fuckin' torch
Bullets they gon' scorch (?) and just hit record
Niggas out here tellin' fuckin' snitchin' for a fuckin' reward
Damn, How the hell you do that?
Dumb ass nigga, You stupid ass bitch!!!
Oh wait hold on think they want one more fuckin' song
(Verse 5)
Marchin' band status how we motherfuckin' step
Thought I was gettin' released but I got motherfuckin' kept
My nigga Leek fresh outta prison he already drop a shelf
I dropped Bloodshells Revenge and let my actions speak itself
Marchin' band status how we motherfuckin' step
Thought I was gettin' released but I got motherfuckin' kept
My nigga Leek fresh outta prison he already drop a shelf
I dropped Bloodshells Revenge and let my actions speak itself
I'm in a skat pack jet black you know Glokk stop
Tip toe move in silence I see (?)
High speed hit the road gotta do me one
Bend the corner, Bend the corner turn another one
See no lights he givin' up I think I'm on to somethin'
Never had my hand out so really Ion owe you nothin'
Why these niggas fakin' like I'm on they songs they really frontin'
I was out here hangin' like a hanger we was strokin' somethin'
Fold her like a quesadilla I put dick all in her stomach
(?) turned out like Madea like I ain't gon (?) or somethin'
Reefa gettin' to my ears loud drugs ain't hearin' nothin'
Hot over a fuckin' deal you pussy boys ain't fed nothin'
I done brought my tool in here I think this shit gon get one
Runnin' from my Junior year my Senior year amount to somethin'
I ain't graduated but I got M's that should tell you somethin'
Marchin' band status how we motherfuckin' step
Thought I was gettin' released but I got motherfuckin' kept
My nigga Leek fresh outta prison he already drop a shelf
I dropped Bloodshells Revenge and let my actions speak itself
Marchin' band status how we motherfuckin' step
Thought I was gettin' released but I got motherfuckin' kept
My nigga Leek fresh outta prison he already drop a shelf
I dropped Bloodshells Revenge and let my actions speak itself
I'm talm bout like no forreal tho
Just name me another young nigga like me
Snapped...on one beat...and switched that shit up
Huh Glokknine challenge
Aye Yuh Yuh Yuh
I'm talkin' different songs
None of that same flow shit

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