Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Iron Man di Sir Mix-A-Lot e Metal Church Sir Mix-A-Lot contenuta nell'album Swass. “Iron Man” è una canzone di Sir Mix-A-Lot. Iron Man Lyrics.

TESTO - Sir Mix-A-Lot - Iron Man


TESTO - Sir Mix-A-Lot - Iron Man

(*background is Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," performed by the group Metal Church*)


You could strike a match in my hand
Too black to tan, heavy-metal rhythm from a one man band
Bust my knuckles in a junkyard scuffle
Whippin' adversaries with a brass belt buckle
Born in the ghetto, hard like metal
Got a '87 'vette with a fat gas petal
Live a hard life, shave with a knife
Love to get freaky on the gloomiest nights

I got childhood scars in the streets of my life
Girls laughed, now they beggin' to be Mix-A-Lot's wife
The new breed is here, vigilantes of rap
Got eyes like fire, with my boys at my back
Now I'm back for revenge, all the rumors must end
Freaky breathin' is out, bold music is in
A lot of dummies gettin' money, just by clappin' their hands
Not the style or desire of a true Iron Man

(You know what I wanna hear)

A Southside ruler, don't drink coolers
Big money maker, not a dumb drug user
It's real not drama, hate pet llamas

Met Clint Eastwood, slapped his momma
Billboard thriller, Avenue chiller

Hard rock lover, and soft rock killer
Girls in the house, watch your blouse
I'm the man your momma was warnin' you about
The bad boy of rap, givin' no slack
Talk behind my back, and you might get slapped
You might get paid, but your metal ain't real
Your rock's like mush, this rock's like steel

(uh, everybody now, *chanting*)

A big ego crushin', MC's fussin'
More lines in my face than a sunburned Russian
Hardly ever speakin', girls be tweakin'
Buggin' off the drums, cause the snare be peakin'
World's most hated, too bad to be rated
Makin' you mad and I'm elated
Beat syncopater, you're bad I'm greater
Tougher than Schwarzenegger in "Terminator"
Guitar cord ripper, Perrier sipper
Transform scratchin' and not a needle skipper

Flesh like steel, MC's kneel
Mickey D's Shrimp Salad not part of my meal
Heavy drum hitter, can't stand kidders
Hate false metal and I'm not a bullshitter
Girlies wanna kiss, suckers throw a fist
A lot of rappers try to rap, but it ain't like this

Ha haha ha, the true Iron Man of rap droppin' this big metal hammer
(*voice yelling over Sir Mix-A-Lot*)
Now that's true metal, posse up, yeah

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