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TESTO - Amy Rigby - Invisible


TESTO - Amy Rigby - Invisible

I looked for myself in the rear view mirror

I got scared cause there was nobody there

I'm invisible, yeah invisible

I'm who I used to be but nobody sees me

I'm invisible

I walked into a bar, now what was I thinking?

Nobody asked me "Honey, what are you drinking?"

I'm invisible, oh shit I'm invisible!

Since I hit 35, what I want I gotta buy

I'm invisible

I put some makeup on, I dress like someone half my age

I write it in a song, I even get up on the stage

I'm still invisible, well...invisible
I say to hell with my pride, I haven't got a thing to hide

Cause I'm invisible

I was standing by the ocean in my brand new bathing suit

Guy strolls up to me and tells me "Hey your daughter's awful cute"

I'm invisible

I said "She's cute alright, I hope your sunburn peels tonight"

I'm invisible

Now you know my story, at least I think you do

I guess you're out there, I just can't see you

Are you invisible?

You must be invisible

I know it hurts to disappear, but you've got lots of company here

And we're invisible

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