Youngs Teflon

Intro (COD3)

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TESTO - Youngs Teflon - Intro (COD3)

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TESTO - Youngs Teflon - Intro (COD3)

Catch me drinkin' straight rum by the grave
Cause I done lost more friends than you made
Went funerals with a .40 and a spade
That's why I'm thinking bout the fallen every time I'm on the stage, uh
R.I.P Nip, I'm forever blue

My girl thinks I'm playin' out, if she ever knew
Had some foul ways, now I'm a better dude
All the love she shown me up 'til now ain't replaceable
All I knew was that Victoria line

Now we in the S, four pipes from behind
Yardie shoob-een had the inf' on the beam

2020 all about the syncs and the streams
Row, row, row your boat, thirty was the quote
Send a bird in a rubber duck, you know its gonna float
Hi-Top, OG's, yeah, the beef and broccoli
We went to war on a Sunday, that's beef in Brockley
Took a walk to Brockwell Park, we had to test the bruckies
I share my last pound with Luger, give my best for Mucky
Kept that little .22 in a Nike sock
Play COD but we have black brown and white opps
Sat with the wise man, he gave me true teachings
Been there and done it, got the badge like it's blue Peter
See this purple label Ralph, there ain't no blue tags

Only real hitters in my camp, this the Gulag
Hangin' pictures in my cell while my tune slaps
Had to use toothpaste, I ain't have no Blu Tack
Everybody lyin' on the radio, where they do that?
Pack it in or sit it on your head 'cah the truth's back
If I don't see it in my view, then it's inferior
I need a new pit to lock the bulldogs and terriers
I was a pauper then a prince, now I'm a emperor
And tell the feds that I sip champagne regular
I'm the esoteric, nothin' heavier
The sell trill old school just like the Ferrier
And we don't even celebrate that shit
But we had two Tecs 'round December, more the merrier

Tell the truth, niggas got me when I lacked
But I'd rather get stabbed in my face than in my back
Playin' zombies, chasin' pagans through the flats
I just need some new shoelaces for the Mac
Parked up the Tesla, sit it on the charger

Tyin' up my locks, long time I seen a barber
Long time you seen a martyr
Close range marrow in the sky, this the Carter

Before Nike Airs, it was Reeboks
Before Ascots, I had rollers (Uh)
On the back blocks with the demons
When they masked up, it ain't '
Before the Benz, had a GTI
But before the Golf, had a four-door (Vroom)
Out late tryna steam off 'cause the hellfire we all go
Had 25's in 22's and three 2's in that wardrobe
Knew that I was sellin' poison but I ain't really care 'cause I was poor though (Uh, uh)
Jumped off the porch early 'cause them street lights were like porno (Yeah)
Jumped out in my J 7's, this wine glass full off Bordeaux
I'm Conway
, I'ma con this, I'ma con that, I'm a crook, yes (Check)
Gordan Ramsey's in kitchens, my little ninjas doin' jook-fest (Ching)
Came out in a Kangol tryna crock suttin' like Dundee
Cooked crack in a crock pot, got a half-deuce in my undies (We get it)
This Call Of Duty, if the time's right and the price right, you can call me (Hello?)
Pop suttin' like a bottle cork, it was fryin' outside porkies
Stick suttin' with the pointy end like Ayra if you annoy me (Now what you say, Youngs?)
Said stick suttin' with the pointy end like Ayra if you annoy me (Chu)

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