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TESTO - Mortification - Influence


TESTO - Mortification - Influence

Those who seek after fame put others down, climb the
Heights of your dream to be proclaimed. The world
Doesn't need any more stars exalting self. The world
Needs more people of faith. Influence in your life, we
Done want the fame we want salvation, influence for
The cross, unity of faith across the nations. make the
Way of the cross your life goal pull the man from his
Grave to be revived. Millions of hopeless troden
People there is hope in the saving blood of Christ, Go
Into all the world and preach the gospel to every
Listener and to all who believe in Jesus Christ will
Be saved but they who do not believe, will be
See the light in the eyes of the holyman. can't you
See that the rivers flow within, wby be lost in a sea
Of hate and lust, we can tell you the change is now in

(Chorus repeat)
Now be born to a new life, certain hell awaites the
Lost. The utter pain without God in eternity is more
Than a thousand lashes could toll

(Chorus repeat X 2)

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