Travis Scott ft. Swae Lee


Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di IN MY HEAD di Travis Scott e Swae Lee contenuta nell'album UTOPIA. “IN MY HEAD” è una canzone di Travis Scott. IN MY HEAD Lyrics.

TESTO - Travis Scott - IN MY HEAD

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TESTO - Travis Scott - IN MY HEAD

Swae Lee]
You can crawl in my bed tonight
Long as you call ahead of time
I don't mind
Just need the time
I don’t bite

You like the, distant lovers
You can call me whenever
I bought 'em all if they let us
Come and ball with a nigga
We put that vibe in each other
I send you flowers forever
We can fly to wherever
I get the pilot together
You wanna tiptoe, move in silence
Movin' through your town and the violence
Put a purple rain in and change the climate
Just to taste’ll make everything vibrant
Wanna look out for the sirens and the tyrants
'Cause everything's a little too quiet
Something's 'bout to pop up out of hidin'
I can see the darkness in your eyelids

Movin' through the clouds like I'm lightnin’
’Bout to pop up on these niggas, make it frightenin'
Why you outside, are you not in?
’Cause I built a movie scene and a drive-in
Can I see that ass with a wide lens?
'Cause when we gettin' drunk, we gettin' violent
I know I hit your friend ’cause I'm triflin'
But you still with me so I win, yeah

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