Kool Keith

I’m Seein’ Robots

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TESTO - Kool Keith - I’m Seein’ Robots

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TESTO - Kool Keith - I’m Seein’ Robots

Mail, pagers
These are the things that robots carry
To get they hair done
Eyes made up
Difference effects to their bodies
Sometimes, too many to even know
The life of a robot

Yo, don't waste my time on the phone, girl I'm goin to bed
That movie resteraunt you need cash that game is dead
I pull your wig off, you step back, you have a tantrum
I hold your rent money, contacts I hold for ransom
Cut off your phone bill, Merecedes wrecked, in the Mobil
That's on the real deal, your credit's off, how you feel?
Give me my meat back, now think back, you sing on four-track
Your mother's callin, for WIC checks, she soundin wack
I bought your first food, high-class, you was rude
House with no heat on, with slippers on, you walkin nude
Back with your girlfriends I cancel banks stop your shoppin
You work with kneepads, you loose stiff on Soul Train poppin
Your head keep boppin, you face out, with purple tracin
I put you out, we can end this at the gas station
Let's do this now, not impressed, I'ma show you how

Chorus: Kool Keith (repeat 2X)
I'm seein robots, passin by, everyday (I'm seein robots!)
I'm seein robots, lah lah lah lah lah lah

I'm seein robots, passin by, everyday (I'm seein robots!)
You drive in Hollywood, long hair, Buick Regal
License in California, ID's phony not illegal
Livin with roommates, you camp out, with paper plates
Broke Panasonic speakers missin playin Puff and Mase
Clear up yo' acne, girl what yo, how you act B
Call police up, tell them what? How you tried to smack me
I'm movin thorough on the freeway callin you on three way
Watchin my back got your friends all on instant replay
You say you married sewed your weave in, yo where's your ring at?
Interscope records got your demo girl, where you sing at?
Pull out your masters, your DAT's, all you have is cats
Pet little turtles in your bedroom, enough for headroom
Usin your restroom when, company come, that's your best room
I stay the dopest while you party hard, losin focus
Starin in mirrors combin hair, with the kids on welfare
I watch your mailbox like Vietnam guerilla warfare
That's not your real hair, rip credit cards, I don't care
Liposuction, Jenny Craig, is yo' introduction
Volkswagen fog up, your dirty engine Boo smog up
You hit the malls and, with chip phones, makin calls and
I'm audi 5, yeah

I'm seein robots, passin by, everyday (I'm seein robots!)
I'm seein -- goo goo gah gah, them ugly kids call me da-da
Missin they father while you try to pawn the ring and phones and
You probably Jonzin, gettin greedy, eatin at Tony Rhome's and
Stuffin your mouth out with fat pigs, you smokin cigs
Rip out your buttcrack, no bras out, to fit your back
Skinny legs, trip on, you get your grub and rip on
The DJ spin the club is wack, yo they close at ten
They turned the lights on, I seen your mug, you looked bugged
Close your face, I see your rims, I know you freebase!

Chorus 3X

(I'm seein robots!) All you model robots
With mechanical legs, fake hips, implants
Little chips in your arms
Body movement, metal metallic, unpure
.. Robots (little robots)
Stiff arms, kneecaps, oil (R-O-B-O-T)
(R-O-B-O-T) Metal, robots
(Little go go romance robots)
(Little go go romance robots)

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