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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di I’ll Remember April di Lars Gullin e Chet Baker Quartet contenuta nell'album 1951/52, Vol. 5 – First Walk. “I’ll Remember April” è una canzone di Lars Gullin. I’ll Remember April Lyrics.

TESTO - Lars Gullin - I’ll Remember April


TESTO - Lars Gullin - I’ll Remember April

This lovely day will lengthen into evening
We'll sigh goodbye to all we ever had
Alone where we have walked together
I'll remember April and be glad

I'll be content you loved me once in April
Your lips were warm and love and spring were new
I'm not afraid of autumn and her sorrow
For I'll remember April and you

The fire will dwindle into glowing ashes
For flames live such a little while
I won't forget but I won't be lonely
I'll remember April and smile


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