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I’ll Be There

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TESTO - Woodford & Company - I’ll Be There

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TESTO - Woodford & Company - I’ll Be There



Kilgrave wakes up in the hermetically sealed room.

KILGRAVE: Jessica... Jessica.

He gets up. He's on a metal bed. The floor is flooded with water.

KILGRAVE: Jessica!

JESSICA: Smile, Kevin.

Jessica turns on a projection in the room of a young Kilgrave.

MOM: Be a big boy for Mummy and Daddy, Kevin.

The lights turn on. Jessica is sitting at a table outside the room. In the video, the young Kilgrave begins wailing.

DAD: You don't see Eric crying when he goes in the sin bin.

KILGRAVE: You lied to me!

Outside the room, Jessica can't hear what he's saying. He appears to be yelling. After a few moments, she turns on a speaker to be able to hear him.
KILGRAVE: ...built up my trust, pretended we were a team? You even made me a hero. All this while you were planning this? Why?

JESSICA: Because you're not a hero. You're a murderer, Kevin.

KILGRAVE: Shut up.

JESSICA: Go ahead, command me again. That's a hermetically sealed room, Kevin.

KILGRAVE: Kevin died in that lab.

JESSICA: Granted it is a mundane name, but '
Kilgrave'? Talk about obvious. Was '
Murdercorpse' already taken?

KILGRAVE: You have feelings for me Jessica. If you didn't, I'd be dead.

JESSICA: There are worse things than death.

KILGRAVE: Don't be melodramatic.

JESSICA: Like being the slave to a sociopathic killer.

KILGRAVE: I've never killed anyone. Can you say the same?

Jessica reaches to hit a red button next to her, but stops.

JESSICA: If you wanna buld trust, start by admitting what you did. To me, to Hope, to Ruben.
KILGRAVE: I thought P.I.s were supposed to be clever.

JESSICA: Start at the beginning, Kevin.

We see a camera recording Kilgrave.

KILGRAVE: Um... It was a cold, clear night, when I came across a young beauty being savagely attacked down a dark alley.

JESSICA: Don't make me hurt you.

KILGRAVE: I saved you, dried your tears, fed you dinner. And later, we made sweet, sweet love.

Jessica presses the button, electrifying the water. Kilgrave screams in pain and falls to the floor.

JESSICA: Forgot to mention, the water in your room is a conductor to an open wire. It was jerry-rigged by a former Spec Ops interrogator. Clearly he knows his shit.

KILGRAVE: I'm impressed. I never realized you were such a bitch.

JESSICA: Yeah, well, this bitch is in control of you now, asshole.


A car zooms down the street. Trish drives with an injured Simpson in the back.

TRISH: Simpson! God... Simpson, can you hear me? Simpson, the plan was to capture him, not kill him. Where's Jessica?
SIMPSON: Kozlov...

TRISH: I know, you'll only see Dr. Kozlov, but I called Metro-General, and he's not on staff.

SIMPSON: He'll be there.

TRISH: You might bleed out first.

SIMPSON: Did the police see you?

TRISH: No, I made sure.

SIMPSON: You weren't there. I wasn't there.

TRISH: Was Jessica there?

SIMPSON: The neighbor's dead. And my boys... God! My boys are dead!

TRISH: Simpson, I will kill you if you die in my car!

SIMPSON: Kozlov... Metro...

Trish honks and swerves the car.


Two paramedics bring Simpson in on a stretcher, followed by Trish. A doctor approaches them.

DOCTOR: What happened to him?

TRISH: There was an explosion. He wants to see a Dr. Kozlov, says he works here.

DOCTOR: Never heard of him. We need to start an IV. Let's go, people.


Kilgrave paces in the room. In the video, Kevin is crying. Jessica changes the video to another young boy being experimented on. A doctor speaks in Mandarin. She switches in again to a young girl, who looks down in horror to see her hands have been amputated. She switches it to another girl who has a contraption on her legs and is screaming.

JESSICA: So you weren't the only lab rat? Reva knew about this didn't she? And that's why you wanted her dead.

KILGRAVE: I never touched that woman.

JESSICA: Where are these other kids? You killed for this video, and you never thought to look for the other kids? Afraid of the competition?

KILGRAVE: Come on, you're a better sleuth than that. They were all in different labs. I was too busy looking for my own sadistic parents to care about strange children.

JESSICA: Maybe you killed them all.

Suddenly Kilgrave gets up and starts screaming. Cut to Hogarth entering the room.

KILGRAVE: Help me! I'm being held captive by a mad -

Jessica electrocutes him. He falls to the floor, shouting in pain.

HOGARTH: What the hell are you doing?

KILGRAVE: Please don't let her -

HOGARTH: Stop! Now!

KILGRAVE: Oh, God bless. God bless you. Oh, God bless you.

HOGARTH: This was your plan?

JESSICA: My plan was to cut his balls off, but now I'll settle for a confession.

HOGARTH: Under duress. It'll be inadmissable. Worse, it'll indict you. Let him go and hope that he doesn't press charges.

JESSICA: The second you share the same air with him, he will make you put your head through a window. You've heard from those survivors.

HOGARTH: That's all you have, hearsay. Where's the proof?

JESSICA: I have video. His parents -

HOGARTH: Were evil scientists, yes. I listened to the files you sent. But there's nothing to link the boy in that video to the man you are torturing.

JESSICA: Then I will make a new video and force him to use his abilities.

HOGARTH: There is no time.

JESSICA: Since when?

HOGARTH: The DA is offering Hope a plea bargain.

JESSICA: What? Why now?

HOGARTH: All the stories, all the crazy claims coming out of the woodwork, make for bad press. They want it done.

JESSICA: No. I am too close. I have him.

HOGARTH: Hope will do 20 years. Maybe 15 for good behaviour. If she turns it down, she could do life. I have a legal obligation to present this pela deal to my client.

JESSICA: So you haven't told her yet?

HOGARTH: I wanted to see what you had.

Jessica sighs and begins walking away.

JESSICA: One juror, right? That's all we need, is one juror to believe in Kilgrave's mind control. That's reasonable doubt.

HOGARTH: Technically. But any video would be, would be dismissed as staged.

Hogarth gets a text.


JESSICA: What, is it the DA?

HOGARTH: No, no. You know what, Jessica? I have problems of my own. I have a life, I have a fiance, a vindictive ex.

Inside the room, Kilgrave watches them talk, but is unable to hear what they're saying.

JESSICA: Hogarth, tell me how to legitimize the video.

HOGARTH: You need a witness with legal authority.

JESSICA: What, like a cop? Or a judge?

HOGARTH: Either. But the DA is giving us a 48-hour window for this plea deal.

JESSICA: I'll have a cop here in three. Will you just... wait here?

HOGARTH: You are in no position to ask me to do anything. You have done absolutely nothing to help me.

JESSICA: Kilgrave's seen you, Hogarth. You're already implicated.

HOGARTH: You set me up.

JESSICA: You need to see this through with me.

HOGARTH: God damn it.

JESSICA: Don't look at him, don't talk to him, and don't listen to him.

HOGARTH: Or he'll mind control me.

JESSICA: No, because he's an asshole. His powers don't work through a mic, so you'd have to go in the room. Don't do that either.

Jessica leaves. Hogarth sees Kilgrave staring at her and turns around.


Clemons buys some coffee from a street vendor. Jessica approaches him.

VENDOR: Here you go.

JESSICA: You're making a mistake. The cart of 41st street has pastrami fries.

Clemons throws away his coffee and walks away.

JESSICA: I need you to witness something.

CLEMONS: I don't like what I see when you're around.

JESSICA: Oh, you mean that room full of cops that put their own Glocks to their heads?

CLEMONS: I don't know what that was about.

JESSICA: I do, and I know the man responsible.

CLEMONS: You know Lieutenant Evans, huh? They say he orchestrated that whole prank. Quite a character, Evans.

JESSICA: Was it a prank when I twisted that chair in half? Or dumped a human head on your desk?

CLEMONS: Evans may have bad taste, but we all decided to look the other way. It's better for everybody.

JESSICA: You can't ignore what you saw.

CLEMONS: What I saw at that station was a group of brave cops who could all be kicked off the force as suicide risks if any of this should get out.

JESSICA: You have a chance of bringing in a serial killer.

CLEMONS: And I'm two years away from a full pension. Thank you and goodbye, Miss Jones.

JESSICA: 696 Hackett Street, Apartment C. If you don't think Kilgrave's a threat, you won't mind if I give him your home address.

CLEMONS: You wouldn't do that.

JESSICA: Of course not. Because I know that Kilgrave is dangerous, and so do you, or you would've kept walking. I can get him off the streets, but I need your help.

CLEMONS: Googling my address does not make you a detective. Good detectives use evidence. Like security footage. But the cameras at the station were all wiped clean. So unless you have positive proof that a crime was committed... Yeah, I didn't think so.

They go separate ways.


Hogarth sits outside the room. Desmond has sent her a text, '
No deal.' She responds with, '
Did she counter?' He texts back, '
Now she wants 90%'. Hogarth calls Wendy.

HOGARTH: Wendy, if I get disbarred, you will get 90% of nothing. Yesterday it was 75.

WENDY: And if it was 100 you'd still be getting off easy.

HOGARTH: Since when do you care so much about money?

WENDY: Since you started spending all of ours on your secretary.

Kilgrave watches Hogarth pace from inside the room.

HOGARTH: Oh, I didn't. I didn't touch a penny of your money.

WENDY: What are you calling mine? I turned down field work for you, I pulled doubles every day to pay for law school. I don't...

HOGARTH: You got your money's worth.

WENDY: What?

HOGARTH: I foot the bill while you played Mother Teresa.

WENDY: Now you resent me for helping poor people. That's a new low.

HOGARTH: Wendy, even if you take all of my money, it will not change how I feel about Pam.

WENDY: No, but it'll hurt. I won't be the only one left bleeding on the floor.

HOGARTH: And you call me the heartless one. Wendy, I'm sorry. I take that back. I know we can agree on a number -

Wendy hangs up.


Kilgrave knocks on the glass. She turns around and looks at him. He points to the speakers. She turns them on.

HOGARTH: Do you need something?

KILGRAVE: A good lawyer. Do you know one?

HOGARTH: I'll get you a referral.

KILGRAVE: Bitches, right? Trouble with your ex.
Wendy, is it? Sorry, I was reading your lips. Could be Randy, but I think not. Threatening to expose you? Sounds hideous.

HOGARTH: Jessica tell you that?

KILGRAVE: Hardly. Jessica doesn't let anyone in. I bet she hasn't told you that she moved in with me three days ago. Hmm? Cohabitation. Under her own free will. It was going great, then she just snapped. Jessica has lied to both of us. What do you really know about her? Really?

HOGARTH: More than I know about you.

KILGRAVE: You know her version of events. No one's even heard mine. As a lawyer, you must know that the reality lies somewhere in the middle. You are clearly a smart woman. You know that if I did have abilities, they wouldn't be inherently bad. Just imagine what someone like that could do. His powers of persuasion could right any wrong. Make any stubbonr problem disappear.

She begins walking. It looks like she's headed for the door, but she instead turns on the camera.

HOGARTH: Please repeat that for the camera.


Trish talks to Simpson in a hospital bed.

TRISH: Dr. Kozlov only has privileges here, I left messages for him.

SIMPSON: He'll come.

TRISH: Why don't you just let one of the other doctors look at you?

SIMPSON: The room... The sealed room I set up. It's the only place she could hold Kilgrave.

TRISH: Just forget about Kilgrave. You need to focus on getting better.

SIMPSON: No, she won't kill him. It has to be you. The gun that I gave you...

TRISH: You can't ask me to do that.

SIMPSON: It's the only way.

TRISH: Let it go. He's too dangerous. Look at what he's done to you. what he's done to your friends.

SIMPSON: Yeah, which is why you have to kill him.

TRISH: Just stop, okay?

Kazlov pulls back the curtains, accompanied by a nurse.

SIMPSON: Knew you'd come.

TRISH: Dr. Kozlov, I'm Trish Walker, I brought Sergeant SImpson here.

Kozlov inspects Simpson.

KOZLOV: Sergeant? I didn't expect to hear from you again. But I can see why you called.

SIMPSON: I want back in.

KOZLOV: Team ready?

The nurse nods.

KOZLOV: You need to leave.

TRISH: I'll stay until you -


TRISH: I'm not leaving him.

SIMPSON: Trish, go. You have to end it.

Trish leaves. The nurse shuts the curtain as Kozlov continues to inspect Simpson.


Hogarth paces. Kilgrave copies her movements. A door opens and they both look up.

KILGRAVE: Finally!

HOGARTH: Finally.

JESSICA: What's wrong? Did he do something? Say something?

HOGARTH: Nothing that I listened to. Visiting hours at the prison are over. I needed to talk to Hope.


HOGARTH: No, you're not. Where's your cop?

JESSICA: He needs evidence of Kilgrave's power. I'd appreciate you manning the shock switch.

HOGARTH: What, you're going in there?

JESSICA: Yeah, I know how to piss him off. When he takes control, the electricity will stop me as quickly as Kilgrave. But only hit the switch if he makes me hurt myself.

HOGARTH: What if he kills you?

JESSICA: Well, then we'll have proof, won't we.

HOGARTH: Wait, for the record...

She turns the camera to Jessica.

HOGARTH: You are?

JESSICA: I, Jessica Jones, of sound mind and body, submit the following footage into evidence.

Hogarth turns the camera back to the room. Jessica goes through the first door to the room. Hogarth turns on the speakers. Jessica opens the second door and enters the room. She's holding a bag.

KILGRAVE: My feet are pruning. What's that?


She tosses the bag onto the bed.

KILGRAVE: Smells fast.

JESSICA: You're welcome.

KILGRAVE: Are you not afraid that I'll touch you?

JESSICA: No. Afraid I'll touch you? I remember how you like to be touched.

She begins touching his chest.

KILGRAVE: It's bad enough you shock me, you have to toy with my emotions?

JESSICA: You can have it. But I want you to beg for it.

She slaps him.

KILGRAVE: You will not... If that was foreplay, I'm all in.

JESSICA: Then do something about it.

She throws him back against the wall. Hogarth watches outside, visibly uncomfortable.

JESSICA: Unless you can't compel yourself to get it up.

KILGRAVE: After that performance, you have my full attention.

JESSICA: Oh, you mean that Slim Jim in your pants? You're pathetic. You disgust me. All that power, and you're too afraid to use it. Scared like a little momma's boy. Come on, Kevin. Be a big boy for mummy and daddy.

KILGRAVE: I don't know what you mean, you have all the power here.

She throws him across the room.


JESSICA: Make me stop.

KILGRAVE: I won't hit a woman.

JESSICA: No, but you'd rape her. Destroy her mind, make her a murderer. Say the words!

HOGARTH: Jessica, enough.

KILGRAVE: I loved you. I gave you whatever you wanted.

JESSICA: All you ever gave me was shame.

She hits him.

JESSICA: And remorse.

She hits him again.

JESSICA: And pain.

She hits him again.

HOGARTH: Stop, I'm gonna hit the switch.

Trish appears and pulls Hogarth's hand away.

HOGARTH: She is going to kill him.

TRISH: No, she won't. She's holding back.

JESSICA: Come on, you cowardly piece of shit! You don't have the balls to fight me?

KILGRAVE: This isn't you, Jess. We were happy. Whatever you think I did to hurt you, I'm sorry.

She throws him against a wall. He begins bleeding from his mouth. He looks outside at Trish and Hogarth.

KILGRAVE: What's the matter with you people? You're just gonna let this happen?

HOGARTH: He is powerless.

TRISH: He's playing us.

HOGARTH: I will not be party to any of this.

She begins to leave.

KILGRAVE: Please! Somebody help me!

Jessica kicks him across the room.

KILGRAVE: Feels good, doesn't it? Being in control.

She hits him, splattering blood across the glass. She raises her hand to punch him again, but Trish electrocutes them. Cut to Jessica and Trish watching the video outside. Kilgrave lies in bed.

JESSICA: He didn't have to tell me to do a goddamn thing and he had all the control.

TRISH: Gotta admire his committment.

JESSICA: Look at that. Even I feel sorry for him. I just helped his case. I'm such an idiot.

Jessica begins playing the video of the young Kilgrave again. Kilgrave rolls onto his side and cradles his head.

TRISH: What if you and I walked out of here right now? Locked the door and never came back? Just left him. Hope could take the deal. I have enough money to get us far away.

JESSICA: Trish...

TRISH: I mean it. As long as he has your attention, as long as you care, he's in control.

JESSICA: I won't let Hope lose twenty years of her life.

TRISH: Why is she your responsibility?

JESSICA: That's not you. That's your boyfriend.

TRISH: He's not my boyfriend. But can you blame him? Kilgrave murdered Simpson's buddies. He almost died.

JESSICA: Wait, what?

TRISH: There was a bomb. An explosion. Simpson's in the hospital.

The video keeps playing.

MOM: Be a big boy for mummy and daddy.

JESSICA: He'll be all right. He's too stubborn to die.

TRISH: There'll be an investigation. Maybe a link to prove Kilgrave's guilt.

JESSICA: He doesn't leave fingerprints, ever. He spent his whole life avoiding cameras, except that one.

TRISH: And I thought my mother was bad. Who does that to their own child?

JESSICA: No one gets under a person's skin like their parents. That could push him to the breaking point.

TRISH: If they're still alive.

JESSICA: He thinks so. He looked for them for a long time.

TRISH: Should've hired a P.I.


Hogarth sits alone in her office. Pam enters with an envelope.

PAM: Wendy sent her evidence to the general company inbox. Interns check that. What if I didn't catch it in time?

HOGARTH: It's a bluff. Just a shot across the bow.

PAM: If anyone saw it, you'd be disbarred. Maybe even put in jail.

HOGARTH: Don't worry about me.

PAM: How about you worry about me? You committed a crime, Jeri. And that makes me an accessory after the fact.

HOGARTH: I am doing the best I can. What do you want from me.

PAM: I want you to handle it. If this were any other case, you would've shut down Wendy without even breaking a sweat.

HOGARTH: This is not a case. This is my life.

PAM: Which includes you being the best goddamn lawyer in this city.

Pam takes Kilgrave's hand and moves it towards her crotch.

PAM: First time I watched you in court, I could feel your power. You the way you dismantled the ADA's argument, held the jury in your hand...

HOGARTH: I could feel you watching me.

PAM: You were showing off.

HOGARTH: It worked.

PAM: No one controls you.


PAM: No one can stop you. That is the Jeri I fell in love with. The one who knows what she wants and takes it. If that Jeri comes back, I'm in, all the way. Until then...

Pam pulls away.

HOGARTH: I don't like ultimatums.

PAM: I know.

Pam leaves. Hogarth gets up and looks out the window.


Trish and Jessica examine the video of young Kilgrave.

TRISH: The camera never sees their faces.

JESSICA: Look for background details. We need a location.

Kilgrave sits in the room watching them. He takes out his food and begins eating. Jessica takes notes. Cut to a few hours later. Jessica has notes spread all over the place. Kilgrave dips his finger in barbeque sauce and gets up.

JESSICA: What's that right there? Zoom in on that.

They zoom in on a sign that says, '
LAB EQUIPMENT FOR FACULTY USE ONLY'. Jessica writes down the word, '
Professors'. Kilgrave begins writing something on the glass in barbeque sauce. Jessica prints out a list of hospitals. Kilgrave knocks on the glass. He's written '
HELP ME'. Jessica walks over.

JESSICA: You don't see Eric crying when he goes in the sin bin.

Jessica walks away, turning off the speaker before Kilgrave can respond. She goes back to watching the video.

MOM: Be a big boy for mummy and daddy.

DAD: You don't see Eric crying when he goes in the sin bin.

JESSICA: Who is Eric? His brother? Another kid ffrom the study?

She googles the term 'sin bin'. Most of the results are rugby related.


She gasps.

JESSICA: Baby Kilgrave had a childhood hero.

She googles, '
Eric Rugby 1985'. Some results pop up. One is for Eric Brantford. Another is for the 1985 University of Manchester Rugby Club.

JESSICA: Eric Brantford. University of Manchester.

She looks back up at Kilgrace pacing around the room.


Jessica stands outside a building on the phone.

JESSICA: I'm looking for a Professor Davies
. He was the head of Manchester's neuroscience department in 1985.

DAVIES: That would be me.

JESSICA: I'm checking a reference. I need the names of the professors that ran studies back then.

DAVIES: You're hiring a Spartan? Then I'm sure they're a good egg. Not like those sods at Liverpool. They'll pick your pocket -

JESSICA: The study I'm looking for had to do with kids. Experiments on them.

DAVIES: Who is this?

JESSICA: I just need the names of the professors.

DAVIES: They're gone, and they should stay gone. They skipped town in '88 with some grant money. The program was aborted and I was in no way associated with them.

JESSICA: With who? Please.

DAVIES: Albert and Louise Thompson. Don't call again.

He hangs up.


Hogarth sits across from Hope.

HOPE: They want me to plead guilty?

HOGARTH: Even if you serve twenty years, you'll still have half your life to live on the outside.

HOPE: After all of this, you're telling me to lie?

HOGARTH: The DA wants an answer by the morning.

HOPE: I wanna talk to Jessica.

HOGARTH: It's your life, not hers. You don't... You barely know her. You have a way out of an impossible situation. You're too young to know how rare that is, so take my word for it. The real world is not about happy endings. It's about taking the life you have, and fighting like hell to keep it.

HOPE: I wanna talk to Jessica.

Hogarth packs up and leaves.


Trish and Jessica print out pictures of Kilgrave's parents. Trish hands a picture of Louise to Jessica.

TRISH: Still think she looks familiar?

JESSICA: It's impossible, right?

TRISH: I've stopped using that word around you.

Jessica's phone rings and she answers it.

WOMAN: Collect call from North Eastern Correctional Facility.

JESSICA: Yes, I'll accept. Hope?

HOPE: I'm taking the deal.

JESSICA: Hope, listen.

HOPE: I'm tired, Jessica. I just want this to be over.

JESSICA: It won't be as long as Kilgrave is out there.

HOPE: At least I'll have a life. In 20 years I could finish my degree. I don't wanna die in here. I've made my decision. I just thought that you should know -

JESSICA: I've got him, Hope.

HOPE: What?

JESSICA: Kilgrave is my prisoner.

HOPE: What do you mean?

JESSICA: I mean I pumped him full of drugs and I dumped him in a cage. We are so close to having the proof we need for reasonable doubt. Hope, do not let him off the hoook for what he did to you. To us.

HOPE: Okay.

JESSICA: Thank you.

She hangs up. Trish looks at her.

JESSICA: Don't give me that look. I'm getting her out of there.

She steps on one of the pictures.


She picks it up and examines it. Her shoe has left a mark on Louise's face.

TRISH: What? Jess?


The Kilgrave survivor's meeting is being held. Jessica enters.

MALCOLM: You're late.

JESSICA: Where's the rest of them?

MALCOLM: I couldn't reach everyone. You didn't give me much notice. I haven't heard from you in days and I thought you were in jail.

JESSICA: Clearly I'm not.

MALCOLM: And what, you couldn't be bothered to tell me? I crossed a big line to save you from yourself. Do you even know what I did for you?

JESSICA: I didn't ask you to.

MALCOLM: No. No, you do not get to play that card. Not anymore.

They walk over to the table where everyone else is.

MALCOLM: See this? You're a part of this. Just take a look around. You said that you needed to talk. They're all here to support you. Just let that sink in. Hey, all right. Let's start. Well, speak at will. No one's controlling this.

Everyone looks at Jessica.

JESSICA: I think I just need to listen for a while. I need to clear my head. Everywhere I look, all I see is Kilgrave.

MAN: I guess I'll start.

MALCOLM: Thank you.

MAN: Um, I was thinking the other day about accountability. Because when Kilgrave was in control, I wasn't accountable for what I did. Even though at the time, I really wanted to do it.

Louise walks in.

MAN: So, how do I take responsibility for anything if I don't, you know -

JESSICA: Dude, you lost a jacket. Move on.

MALCOLM: Jessica...

JESSICA: Let's let someone else share. How about you?

Everyone looks at Louise.

MALCOLM: Betty just listens, like you, and that's okay.

JESSICA: I wanna hear Betty's story. When did you meet Kilgrave? A long time ago? Would you say that you know him intimately? Have you seen him naked?

MALCOLM: No, Jessica.

JESSICA: Wait for it, it'll be good.

MALCOLM: No, this is a victim support group.

JESSICA: Not everyone here is a victim.

LOUISE: Sorry, I've got to go.

Louise gets up and walks out. Jessica follows her.

MALCOLM: Where are you going? Hey! Leave that poor woman alone.

JESSICA: That poor woman is Kilgrave's mother.

Jessica continues to follow Louise out. After a moment, Malcolm does to.

MALCOLM: Hey, hey, hey. I wanna help.

JESSICA: Too bad.

MALCOLM: No, I need to help. I can't sleep at night. Every single time I close my eyes, I just see Ruben's face.

JESSICA: That is why I'm not getting you involved. You let this stuff get to you.

MALCOLM: This stuff? I scrubbed blood off your floorboards, all right? I dumped a man's body in a river.

JESSICA: And you wanna spend more time with me? Go back to that group. Help those people. That's your superpower.

Jessica runs away.


Albert and Louise are packing up.

ALBERT: Only a matter of time before he found us. We never should've stopped moving.

LOUISE: I'm sorry, Albert. You were right.

They finish packing up. Albert opens the door to find Jessica waiting outside.

JESSICA: Hi, dad.

He closes the door. Jessica kicks it open.

JESSICA: I see where your son gets his bad manners. Now you are coming with me to stop him.

LOUISE: Stop him? Kevin didn't send you?

JESSICA: No, but I bet he'll be glad to see you. You may have named him Kevin but you made him Kilgrave.

ALBERT: We didn't know what he'd become.

JESSICA: Bullshit! I've seen the videos, the tests. You tried to play God.

LOUISE: We tried to save him. Kevin was born with a degenerative neural disease. He'd have been brain-dead before he reached 12. His only hope was an experimental study using a virus to repair his damaged DNA.

JESSICA: So you infected him? Wow. I wish I had a mother of the year award so I could bludgeon you with it.

LOUISE: We loved our son! We wanted a cure, and we found one. We didn't know about the side effects until -

JESSICA: Until things got bad and you jumped ship.

ALBERT: No, we stayed and lived with it. We carried out his every childish demand for years.

LOUISE: He was throwing a tantrum, but I was busy ironing, and... I never should have yelled at him, but...

ALBERT: We were living in fear, so we ran. We've been running ever since.

JESSICA: Well you could have told someone! Or done something. Yours aren't the only lives that little Kevin has destroyed.

LOUISE: We know. We heard about that poor girl who killed her parents.

ALBERT: I knew it was Kevin. Louise insisted we make sure, so we came. Louise joined that ghoulish group to torture herself.

LOUISE: I hoped I could help.

ALBERT: A lot of good it's done.

JESSICA: Well, here's your chance to help that girl. I am taking you to your son.

ALBERT: We've only stayed alive this long by keeping our distance!

JESSICA: If your parenting didn't make him a sociopath, the lack of it did. Either way, irresponsible.

LOUISE: I'm going with her, Albert.

ALBERT: You're not going alone.


Clemons leaves the station.

CLEMONS: Have a good night!

MAN: Yeah, you too, take it easy.

Clemons's phone vibrates. He checks it, and opens a text. '
Looks like evidence of a crime. Better investigate.' Clemons opens the file sent with the text. It's a video of Jessica punching Kilgrave. He turns off his phone and walks away.


Trish and Kilgrave make eye contact. She reaches into her bag and pulls out the gun. Kilgrave eyes it. Hogarth approaches and Trish quickly puts the gun away.

TRISH: You're back.

HOGARTH: Jessica said she had something urgent to show me.

TRISH: She'll be back soon.

HOGARTH: Why don't you go outside and get some fresh air? Last thing I need is another woman losing her mind.

TRISH: Yeah, I guess I could use a break.

Trish leaves. Hogarth takes off her jacket and turns on the speakers.

HOGARTH: I'm listening.

Kilgrave smiles. Cut to outside the compound. It's night time. Trish is on the phone.

TRISH: I'm checking on a patient. Will Simpson? I doubt he's conscious.

Cut to Simpson picking up the phone.

SIMPSON: Simpson here.

TRISH: You sound all right.

SIMPSON: I told you, Kozlov was the guy. And I wanted to see you again. Are you with Jessica? With him? I know you won't do it.

TRISH: I'm not like you.

SIMPSON: It's a good thing. Now, you get out of there. Get out of town. Jessica's an idiot if she thinks she can keep him locked up. Trish... Tell me you're not gonna stay there with him.

TRISH: I'm glad you'll be okay.

She hangs up.

SIMPSON: Trish. Trish!

He hangs up as well. Kozlov walks over.

KOZLOV: You're responding well to the meds.

SIMPSON: Feels good, like old times. Give me a red.

KOZLOV: You had a red this morning. We altered protocol after what happened in Damascus. One red to get you going, two whites to keep you even, one blue to bring you down.

As he talks, he shows Simpson a series of pill bottles.

SIMPSON: Got it.

KOZLOV: Glad to have you back. We're going to do important things together.

Kozlov leaves. Simpson takes out two red pills and takes them.


Kilgrave watches as someone opens the first door to the room. The camera pans to reveal Hogarth. She reaches to open the second door, but hears someone coming. She closes the first door. Jessica enters.

JESSICA: We're about to get our proof.

HOGARTH: For Hope's sake, you better be right. DA said she turned down the pela. She'll seek two life terms now.

JESSICA: She'll lose. Come on in!

Jessica turns on the camera. Louise and Albert enter.

HOGARTH: Are they the mad scientists?

JESSICA: All the tests they did on him were to save his life. He tortured them. Everything Kilgrave said was a lie.

Kilgrave looks at his parents in disbelief.

JESSICA: If things go bad, I hit this switch. Everyone goes down and we pull you out. You won't feel a thing.

ALBERT: What if you're not fast enough?

JESSICA: Don't worry, I'm fast enough.

HOGARTH: It's not worth the risk. We need to find another way.

LOUISE: We're going in, Albert. He's our responsibility.

Clemons walks in and cocks a gun.

CLEMONS: Hands above your head.

JESSICA: I see you got my evidence.

CLEMONS: Oh, yeah. You convinced me you are one sick lady. Now open that cell.

JESSICA: Sure thing. One sec. Trish!

Trish comes out and holds a gun to Clemons. He puts his gun down.

HOGARTH: Are you insane? You know, why don't you just cuff me right now, because I'm about to call 911.

Jessica kicks Clemons's gun away and handcuffs him to a pipe.

JESSICA: Well, then I will make sure to tell them that you're an accomplice to kidnapping. Keep your eyes on that man in that cell. Your testimony is gonna put him away. Now, let's give him something to witness. Come on.

Kilgrave looks distressed as Jessica leads his parents into the room. Hogarth puts her hand over her mouth. Jessica closes the door behind Louise and Albert.

LOUISE: Hello, Kevin.


LOUISE: Have they been giving you enough to eat?

Kilgrave starts laughing, slightly unhinged.

KILGRAVE: You might as well ask me who fed me when I was ten, or fourteen, or twenty-five. You never cared then.

LOUISE: Kevin, sweetheart...

KILGRAVE: I used to wonder if you thought about me growing up. Begging for scraps like a dog. Or if you worried about when I got sick. Or when I was scared. I was all alone, mum. I had to make people feed me, and shelter me, and care for me. That's how I learned to survive.

ALBERT: Bollocks, Kevin. You always knew how to give orders. Telling us when to eat, when to sleep, when to piss.

LOUISE: No, Albert.

KILGRAVE: Oh, dad. I've changed. Jessica taught me to help people. I saved children. I wondered if that would make you proud of me.

LOUISE: Of course we're proud of you, Kevin. We love you.

KILGRAVE: Then why did you leave?

ALBERT: Your mother nearly died after what you did to her!

KILGRAVE: I was ten! I had a tantrum, like a normal child! I didn't know what I was doing! You didn't explain to me, you just left.

LOUISE: We made a mistake. I promise, I will never leave you again.

ALBERT: Louise, remember what he did!

LOUISE: He's our son, Albert.

She begins to wrap her hands around Kilgrave. He recoils a bit. After a few moments, he stops recoiling.

KILGRAVE: I'm sorry I hurt you, mum.


They embrace.

CLEMONS: Release me now, and I'll overlook the assault.We'll call it... Resisting arrest.

JESSICA: It's not over yet.

LOUISE: I'm sorry Kevin. I am so sorry. I'm so sorry.

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a pair of scissors, stabbing him in the arm.

CLEMONS: Get them out, now!

JESSICA: Not yet.

The bloody scissors fall to the floor. Kilgrave angrily looks up at his mother.

LOUISE: You're our responsibility. We have got to stop you.

KILGRAVE: Mum, I understand. Pick up the scissors.


KILGRAVE: Stay there, dad. Take note.

Louise picks up the scissors.

JESSICA: Okay. She did it.

CLEMONS: She did what?

JESSICA: It's on tape.

TRISH: He didn't see it, it's not enough.

HOGARTH: This won't work. Pull them out now.

KILGRAVE: Mum, for every year that you left me alone, stab youself.

Louise moves the scissors towards herself. Clemons puts his hand over his mouth in shock.

JESSICA: Got him.

Jessica presses the button. Nothing happens. Louise begins stabbing herself.

JESSICA: Everybody out! Run!

TRISH: Go, go! Run!

CLEMONS: Get me out of these!

Hogarth picks up Clemons's gun and runs outside. Trish tries to unlock Clemons.

TRISH: Jess, the keys! I need the -

Louise whimpers as she continues stabbing herself. She falls to the floor, dead. Jessica hurriedly tries to get into the room.

ALBERT: Please, please!

KILGRAVE: Don't just stand there, dad. Pick up the scissors.

Jessica gets through the first door. Albert picks up the scissors.

TRISH: No, not him too.

Trish fires into the room four times. The glass shatters.

CLEMONS: Get me out of here!

Trish shoots Kilgrave in the arm. Jessica gets the second door open.

KILGRAVE: Cut your heart out, dad!

Jessica tries to wrangle the scissors away from Albert. Kilgrave runs out.

KILGRAVE: Put a bullet in your skull, Patsy.

Trish puts the gun to her chin and pulls the trigger. The gun clicks, but doesn't fire.

KILGRAVE: Come with me, detective.

Clemons breaks his hand to get out of the cuffs and follows Kilgrave. Jessica knocks out Albert. She catches up to Kilgrave and grabs onto him.

KILGRAVE: Let go of me, Jessica!

Nothing happens. Jessica keeps her hands on him.

KILGRAVE: Get her off me, Detective!

Clemons pulls her off of Kilgrave. Kilgrave keeps running. After a few moments of struggling, Jessica kicks Clemons, knocking him out. She runs outside, but Kilgrave is no where to be found. She flashes back to a few moments before, when Kilgrave failed to command her.

KILGRAVE: Let go of me, Jessica!

She flashes back to the night she killed Reva. She gets up from Reva's body and walks away.

KILGRAVE: Get back here, Jessica!

Jessica turns, but keeps walking.

KILGRAVE: Now, Jessica!

She keeps walking. The bus crashes. Back in the present, Jessica smirks.


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