Jack White

If I Die Tomorrow

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di If I Die Tomorrow di Jack White contenuta nell'album Entering Heaven Alive. “If I Die Tomorrow” è una canzone di Jack White. If I Die Tomorrow Lyrics.

TESTO - Jack White - If I Die Tomorrow

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TESTO - Jack White - If I Die Tomorrow

If I die tomorrow
Could you find it in your heart to sing?
If my mother cries in sorrow
Will you help her with the many things
That she needs from time to time and day to day?
So if I die tomorrow
Will you know exactly what to say today?

She won't mind the trouble
She's been through it all before
I know she'll say, "Make it a double"
Of her lemon drink and before you know
She'll be laughing 'bout the times and those old days
So if I die tomorrow
Promise you can walk away okay, okay?

I hate to think about it
So it helps to shout it
And if you could help me out
It would mean so much for my peace of mind
And her heart is careworn
And ever since I was a newborn
I pushed aside this worry for the sake of my life

If I die tomorrow
Will you let me know I left in peace?
I begged and I borrowed
Everybody's love and they gave for free
And I wish that I could give it back to them
So if I die tomorrow
Will you give them all the love they lent to me?

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