Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di I Got My Mind Made Up di Grandmaster Flash e Instant Funk contenuta nell'album Grandmaster Flash Presents: Salsoul Jam 2000. “I Got My Mind Made Up” è una canzone di Grandmaster Flash. I Got My Mind Made Up Lyrics.

TESTO - Grandmaster Flash - I Got My Mind Made Up

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TESTO - Grandmaster Flash - I Got My Mind Made Up

Like this y'all, like this y'all
Like this-th-this-th-this this y'all
Like this y'all, and you don't stop
To the beat, it's gonna be the sure shot
Yes you know my voice, so don't try to fess
You know i'm rockin' hard, with skill and finesse
It gotta be me on the M-I-C
Chief dominator, MC Shy D
Coolin' with Kool Collie and Luke Skyywalker
Living in GA,, i'm a native New Yorker
Used to live in the Bronx, now in Decature
The rhyme debater and the MC dominator
Not the whack, that's a fact, you better step back
Cause you're a real sore sucker buggin' off that crack
So take that

I was born in New York, but now I live down south
And you know I came here, to turn it out
Not to cause no trouble, or start no fight
Cause I only came here, to rock the mic
Funky fresh MC, that can't go wrong
When you give me the mic, I rock all night long
I mean on-on-on, on-on and on
And you know I won't stop 'till the break-a-dawn
Cause I got that clout, to make you shout
And get on the mic, and turn the party out
So don't blame me, just blame Bambaataa
Cause everybody know he's the party rocker
And he is the one, who got me started
But now i'm buggin' out and cold gettin' retarded
So take that

I've been a B-Boy now, since '75
Cause I used to check out, The Furious Five
And the Soul Sonic Force, Cold Crush 4
DJ Red Alert, and mellowy mellowy more
Mr. Magic, Jazzy Jay, and the Grandmaster Flash
DJ Charlie Chase, and Grandmaster Caz
Sha-Rock, Debbie Dub, and Lisa Lee
Now it's 1987 and you're rockin' with me
MC Shy D and there can never be
A funky fresh MC, or one like me
Cause i'm one of a kind, I shock your mind
And all the whack MC's, are getting left behind
I'm here to say that I don't play, you better obey
And you know i'm not alone, I got my DJ
So take that

I'm down with Skyywalker records and my mellow Kool Collie
And maybe one day I will run it to Dolly
Parton or Blondie, or should I call it chest
Cause i'm takin' the best and i'm leavin' the rest

Right about this time funky fresh in the place to be
Me, myself, MC Shy D would like to start something
Funky fresh and new and it's goes a little something like this
Hit it!

You, you, you, you
You hear this beat and you know it is runnin'
And then you thought it was the Pee Wee Herman
No it's not and it just won't be
It's just a little something made up by me
Cause i'm funky fresh, out the pack
On the microphone, I can never be whack
My DJ and myself, we're tougher than leather
And you will never ever, see us in pleather
Cause we down with Luke in Miami
And we like to cool out with the jazzy ladies
So take that

At the age of 1, my life begun
My momma chased me, with a big ol' gun
At the age of 2, I was doin' the do
I didn't want to drink milk 'cause I wanted some brew
At the age of 3, I was cool as can be
I can go to the party, I get in free
At the age of 4, I had rhymes galore
They could never be whack, 'cause they are hardcore
At the age of 5, I wasn't takin' no jive
You had to be tough, to stay alive
At the age of 6, I learned all the tricks
Stole a black, Mercedes, and it had to be fixed
At the age, of 7, I thought I was 11
I was rockin' on the mic like 2-4-7
Now you know that I am the best
Cause I took the tough, and I left the rest
So take that

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