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I Do (Cherish You)

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TESTO - Unlinked Artist - I Do (Cherish You)

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TESTO - Unlinked Artist - I Do (Cherish You)

You are Handcrafted
Yes, you
Give us a smile!
Stay for a while
That’s art, partna!
And what I’m bout to do is show you the Artist
The hardest part of art is starting
Or is it finishing? Either way, you are Hand drawn

Yes, you are Handcrafted
Drafted into a blueprint so deep
The ocean drowned in ink
And when it resurfaced
The clouds started crying
Tears of joy for the girl or boy
You were born to be

You are Handcrafted
Handcrafted means time was put into your making
Like your grandma’s baking
, the end result looks amazing!
This means there is more for you to see

And likely you don’t. Because you’ve been told not to look that way, not to talk to those people, not to walk this narrow road of humility in the heart of humanity

You see differences and categories, dog eat dog and catty stories
Scrolling through your Snappy stories
You see thin people. You see fat people
You see white people. You see black people
You see country and you see rap people
Vapers, churchbois, and weaselly rat people
Nerds and thugs and those hooked on drugs
Bullies and bullied, but all need love
We’ve built a wall, but please let it fall, because
All are Handcrafted

Something that’s Handcrafted requires a Handcrafter. One who creates!
I mean it’s not like a bunch of bricks built themselves into the White House
A can of paint ain’t exploding into a Van Gogh
You need starter fluid to make the Van Go!
That’s the Living Water!
The originator!
God made you!
And as an old friend said, God don’t make junk

You are Handmade

Yes, You were Handcrafted
Drafted into a blueprint so deep
The ocean drowned in ink
And when it resurfaced
The clouds started crying
Tears of pain for the stain
Of your shame blamed on God’s name
What, pray tell, do I mean?
Every masterpiece is made a mirror to reflect the master creator
To Love Christ and to Love your neighbour
But sadly, you haven’t
This is the greatest commandment

To make Him known, seen and received
Yet from the moment you were conceived
You believed you were not beloved
Beloved, you betrayed your betrothed
In unfaithfulness to the faithful One
You told the world that God wasn’t worth trusting because you had it all figured out!

When we sin, we stain God’s Handcrafted. We make Him look like a sloppy apprentice
That doesn’t care to be prepared
We show Him we hate who He is and what He’s made. Us. For that, we deserve hell

Wise in our own eyes, we decried the narrow
Faith not in God but in our own bone and marrow
The Flesh!
We hate the skin he put us in, so we sin!
And we can’t retract our fractured failure
All our good deeds are fleeting pleas
To please perfect with fake behaviour
Deconstructing the masterpiece when the master pieced us together to stand on His canvas and BE
But you can only BE if you’re a living being
And we’re dead in our sins
We need life Himself to fix us, to make us right again
To recraft us, because He is the Handcrafter
The Spirit must be spared
The flesh must be denied
And all the sin we did in Jesus Christ was crucified (x2)

Christ was Handcrafted
Drafted into a blueprint so deep
The ocean drowned in ink
And when it resurfaced
The clouds started crying
Tears of Jesus Wept
For the Suffering Saviour
He was born to be
Because unlike you and me
Christ’s life was righteous
God in man in perfect submission to the Father
God’s handiwork Incarnate
And the hands that handcrafted the craft were handed over to Gentiles, jealous Jewish journeymen rejoicing in Jesus death on the cross. Those hands were pierced
Nailed, crafted into the image of us
Adam’s attorney, though He never fell!
And when He died on the cross He took the punishment of hell for you and me as well
Not an eternal burning
But the wrath of the eternal one on His eternal Son
Who, though Handcrafted, had no beginning
A moral option without sinning
A true love for God and for people
With no plans of evil
What the blueprints intended
And from the result of resurrection

You are Handcrafted
Yes, you
The moment you trust in Jesus to give you life anew
Your value comes not from who you are or what you do
But who God is
I am who He says I am
And He says I am His masterpiece, the work of His hands
Created in Christ Jesus for His perfect plans
And for His perfect purpose to do good works
Which He made before He laid the foundations of the earth

A painting Picasso could only paraphrase
A melody Mozart could only imagine
You are not wasted space
But the pinnacle of God’s grace

This grace by which we are transformed by the renewing of our minds
This grace by which God’s Masterpiece is displayed in our lives

In Christ, You are Handcrafted
Drafted into a blueprint so deep
The ocean drowned in ink
And when it resurfaced
The angels started rejoicing
Over one sinner who’s repented
One boy, girl, man, or woman alive as intended

God made you special, and He loves you very much
You are Handcrafted!
Drafted into the steps Jesus trod
Grafted into the family of God
Yes, you are Handcrafted
His Masterpiece

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