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Doug Raney

I Concentrate on You

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di I Concentrate on You di Doug Raney contenuta nell'album Blues on a Par. “I Concentrate on You” è una canzone di Doug Raney. I Concentrate on You Lyrics.

TESTO - Doug Raney - I Concentrate on You

Whenever skies look gray to me
And trouble begins to brew,
Whenever the Winter winds become too strong,
I concentrate on you.

When fortune cries "Nay! Nay!" to me
And people declare "You're through!",
Whenever the blues become my only song,
I concentrate on you.

On your smile so sweet, so tender,
When at first your kiss I decline.
On the light in your eyes when I surrender,
And once again our arms intertwine

And so, when wise men say to me
That love's young dream never comes true,
To prove that even wise men can be wrong,
I concentrate on you.


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