Cisco Houston

I Ain’t Got No Home

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di I Ain’t Got No Home di Cisco Houston contenuta nell'album The Folkways Years, 1944-1961. “I Ain’t Got No Home” è una canzone di Cisco Houston. I Ain’t Got No Home Lyrics.

TESTO - Cisco Houston - I Ain’t Got No Home


TESTO - Cisco Houston - I Ain’t Got No Home

Atlanta, Georgia, September 29, 2022

Come over tonight my room is spotless
I'm sorry this outro is so chaotic
Atlanta it's official you're the hottest

Baltimore, Maryland, October 1, 2022
I'm sorry that this outro is chaotic
Don't call your ex, Katie, they are toxic
Baltimore I think that you're the hottest

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, October 2, 2022

This crowd is giving me all the endorphins
I wish someone would rearrange my organs
Philly is the city I was born in

Boston, Massachusetts, October 3, 2022
You're so hot, I must proceed with caution
It's wicked awesome to be here in Boston
If your ex wants you back it's gonna cost him

New York, New York, October 5, 2022
New York City you sold out the fastest
That was why your second show was added
Everyone in this room is a bad bitch

New York, New York, October 6, 2022
New York City I would have your babies
You sold out two nights that shit is crazy
If I take a picture will you say cheese?
Washington, D.C., October 7, 2022
My favorite character in Friends is Pheobe
I'll only watch the Superbowl for Riri
The hottest people ever are in D.C.

Chicago, Illinois, October 9, 2022
Water ain't the only thing I swallow
I wish I could play right here tomorrow
My favorite city is Chicago

Toronto, Ontario, October 10, 2022
Toronto you're so cute, it's like a fake crowd
Put your hands up if you've been to Drake's house
Leave your hands up if you want to make out

Tempe, Arizona, October 11, 2022
Don't take off your shirt it's gonna tempt me
Everybody here is really sexy
Do you have a fever? Let me take your... Tempe

San Diego, California, October 13, 2022
I think your face alone could get me prego
Millie Bobby Brown you're my Eggo
Yeah, I'm in motherfucking San Diego

Los Angeles, California, October 15, 2022

I've got a personality but no tits
This song is not about Joshua Basset
Los Angeles your energy is big dick
San Francisco, California, October 16, 2022
If you only know the singles you're a fake fan
Anybody wanna be my best friend?
I know you know I'm gonna end with San

Orlando, Florida, October 20, 2022
Now is when I sing you something rando
Make some noise if you came here commando
I'm a slut for you, you know, Orlando

The Grammy Museum, November 22, 2022
I procrastinate, don't really plan these
Usually, I would say something nasty
But Imma keep it classy for the Grammys

Jimmy Kimmel Live!, January 4, 2023
Hi mom, I'm on Kimmel, wish me good luck
Can't wait to read the mean tweets saying I suck
My New Year's resolution is give no fucks

BBC1 Radio Live Lounge, February 27, 2023
I'm American I am not British
So BBC, it stands for somethin' different
This Live Lounge is so lit because I'm in it
Innit, because I'm innit, you get it?
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 16, 2023
I've got a dirty mind but I am so pure
Call me Dora, his body I explore
Fort Lauderdale, you're kicking off the whole tour

New Orleans, Louisiana, March 20, 2023
All you bitches out here lookin' gorgeous
I heard you flash your titties in New Orleans
I'm not participating but supportin'

Houston, Texas, March 23, 2023
Made it to the outro how you doin'?
I'm starting to think love is an illusion
Beyoncé is the greatest thing from Houston

Dallas, Texas, March 24, 2023
Everything is bigger here in Dallas
Cowboys call me if you want to practice
Make some noise if you would ever tap this

San Antonio, Texas, March 25, 2023
I just wanna ride him like a rodeo
but first, he gotta grow it like Pinocchio
Sorry I'm so vulgar San Antonio

Austin, Texas, March 26, 2023
You should do more kissin' and less talkin'
Boys are like a buffet, I want options
I heard the hottest people live in Austin

Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 28, 2023
He gave me the D and it's A plus
Oklahoma you're so cute it's too much
Tulsa backwards is actually a slut

Denver, Colorado, March 30, 2023
Hope he's bigger than a chicken tender
I wrote a funny line I don't remember
Hands up if you're high tonight in Denver

Salt Lake City, Utah, April 1, 2023
Put your hands up if you live in Salt Lake
How do you get alcohol on Sundays?
I'm pregnant... happy April Fools' Day

Garden City, Idaho, April 2, 2023
I pronounce it wrong I say I-day-ho
He said "Can I smash?", I said "Potatoes"
Thank you so much, this was such a great show

Calgary, Alberta, April 5, 2023
Three times in one night can be my hat trick
Put your hands up if you're really that bitch
Calgary you do not thyme with jack shit

Edmonton, Alberta, April 6, 2023
He oiler-ed me up like I was Edmonton
That was me trying a hockey reference
Imma give this crowd 11/10

Vancouver, British Columbia, April 8, 2023
I see a hot boyfriend in my future
I could never get a job at Hooters
Vancouver you just can't get any cuter

Seattle, Washington, April 11, 2023
You look like somebody I would straddle
I might even let you win at Scrabble
Let me see how loud you get Seattle

San Francisco, California, April 14, 2023
Some parents think my concerts are a strip show
Where'd you get your shirt? It's fucking sick bro
Baby, you're so golden, San Francisco

San Francisco, California, April 15, 2023
I don't want a boy, I want a man, man
Bet you wish that I had Only Fans, fans
The second crowd in San Fran is the bestest

Sacramento, California, April 16, 2023
Listen to this awesome instrumental
Wasn't that joke funny, Sacramento

San Diego, California, April 19, 2023
He got me so wet he need a raincoat
Please put "She was perfect" on my gravestone
Way to keep it classy, San Diego

Los Angeles, California, April 20, 2023
Was gonna throw some shade, but that got vetoed
Does anybody have an extra pre-roll
Cause it's 4/20 it's my fucking Greek show

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 22, 2023
Put your hands up if your ex is heinous
Scream it if this song is on your playlist
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Mesa, Arizona, April 23, 2023
Please come over, boy, I'm all alone-a
Come and help me, you might get a bone-a
Snapple's not as good as Arizona

Kansas City, Missouri, April 26, 2023
Raise you hand if you're a little tipsy
Sex with me is like joining the swim team
I think this is my favorite Kansas City

Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 27, 2023
Boy, I hope you're bigger than the average
Do you think I'm cute or were you catfished?
Show me your twin cities Minneapolis

Madison, Wisconsin, April 28, 2023
I know like a million girls named Madison
When I get a cold I take my Madison
Scream if you like cheese and live in Madison

Chesterfield, Missouri, April 30, 2023
He said I taste better than a Slurpee
Are you TSA, boy, you can search me
Missouri is amazing, I'm not worthy

Nashville, Tennessee, May 2, 2023
Maybe you won't date me, but your dad will
Tonight I will be drinkin', who's got Advil?
Did you know I wrote this song in Nashville?

Indianapolis, Indiana, May 3, 2023
He said it was big, but it was mini
I like it Fast and Furious like Vin D
Indy is too perfect, someone pinch me

Toronto, Ontario, May 5, 2023
I need you to take off my clothes pronto
Here is where I'm gonna hit a wrong note
I love you, will you marry me Toronto?

Detroit, Michigan, May 6, 2023
Bzzz is a bee's noise
He's been fillin' more than just a deep void
Do the boys have bigger D's in Detroit

Cleveland, Ohio, May 7, 2023
If it's small that's super inconvenient
If he doesn't know this song you should leave him
I wish that I could put the cleve in Cleveland

Boston, Massachusetts, May 9, 2023
You say I'm a slut, well if the shoe fits
I don't have this number, baby, who's this?
I only park my car in Massachusetts

New York, New York, May 10, 2023
New York, super complicated lip read
Tomorrow is my birthday I want dick, please
I said scream if you love New York City, that's what I said... scream!

New York, New York, May 11, 2023
Guess what it's my birthday so I don't have to sing an outro tonight
I can do whatever the fuck I want 'cause it's my birthday
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, baby, yeah

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 13, 2023
Can you warm me up, I'm super chilly?
I'm a bank account, boy, you should fill me
You know I got special love for Philly

Washington, D.C., May 14, 2023
Revolution war, the British started it
In his pants is the Washington Monument
DC stands for "Dope crowd", I just thought of it

Raleigh, Nord-Carolina, May 16, 2023
My rack is the opposite of Dolly
Last night in my dream I was a tall me
He said that he's big I said "Oh Raleigh"

Atlanta, Georgia, May 17, 2023
He hit me so hard I'm walking on a slant-a
This body is in super high demand-a
I heard they like my peaches in Atlanta

Gulf Shores, Alabama, May 20, 2023
Old people think I'm Hannah Montana
He's so big I need an extra hand-a
Make some noise for Sweet Home Alabama

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 28, 2023
He made me so wet I need a lifeguard
I think I would give this country five stars
Eu te amo Brazil, you have my heart

Dublin, Irland, June 11, 2023
When I'm in the bed, you know I'm snugglin'
When I'm in the bathtub, I'm in bubblin'
When I turn him on that dick is Dublin

Glasgow, Scotland, June 13, 2023
He said that I'm hotter than Tabasco
I'm just a pint away from shake my ass mode
I recycle, baby, where's the Glasgow?

Manchester, England, June 14, 2023
Should I root for City or United?
You know footballs get me so excited
Manchester, I love to be inside it

Birmingham, England, June 18, 2023
All the names of British boys I'm learning them
Everyone I date I keep returning them
Gotta love the accent here in Birmingham

London, England, June 19, 2023
Harry Potter, Peter Pan, and Big Ben
Sherlock Holmes, Adele, and bloody West End
Dua Lipa, Nando's, I love London

Brussels, Belgium, June 23, 2023
Take your shirt off, let me see your muscles
Call me pretty, feed me chocolate truffles
My favorite veggie and city is Brussels

Cologne, Deutschland, June 24, 2023
Down below the waistline is the fun zone
Baby, hit me if you want to come bone
Ich liebe dich you know I love you, Cologne

Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 25, 2023
He took me to red-light so I ran home
That boy's not a player he's a manhoe
I look so good he's saying amster damn bro

Berlin, Deutschland, June 27, 2023
Me degrading you, boy, I'm just flirting
One too many stunners I'll be twerking
We got some big ol'broads out here in Berlin

Stockholm, Sweden, June 29, 2023
He tapped it so good it's hard to walk home
If I was a billionaire I would yacht home
Everyone's so fucking hot in Stockholm

London, England, July 2, 2023
Boy, I'm in your area like Blackpink
I just wanna snog and do some shagging
Playing in Hyde Park is such a madting

Paris, France, July 3, 2023
Boy, that thing's so big I have to share it
What's "Ménage a trois"? Go ask your parents
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, Paris?

Tokyo, Japan, July 18, 2023
I just ate some sushi to satisfy me
But not as much as when that dick inside me
Tokyo I love you, mecha daisuki

Osaka, Japan, July 19, 2023
Fell so hard for me, he need a doctor
He's so hot he opened up my chakras
Y'all are too kawaii in Osaka

Lumpur, Malaysia, July 21, 2023
Bitch, I'm in Malaysia it's a world tour
Hit it so good he wanted an encore
Let me hear you scream Kuala Lumpur

Jakarta, Indonesia, July 22, 2023
Your body is what I want a part of
Bet your ass that I can get it harder
How loud can you scream right now Jakarta

Manila, Philippines, July 25, 2023
His ex is a motel, I'm a villa
He said I taste better than vanilla
What's your favourite city? Mine's Manila

Singapore, Singapore, July 27, 2023
When he calls me I know what he's craving
I'm looking like a snack, he wanna taste it
I don't Singapore, I sing amazing

Bangkok, Thailand, July 29, 2023
If you want some cake I got a bake shop
He be getting off like it's a train stop
It goes without saying that I Bangkok

Chicago, Illinois, August 3, 2023
Perhaps I am a dick aficionado
Windy city blow I'm gonna swallow
Now he calls it giving him Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, August 4, 2023
Turn that dick to stone, call me Medusa
Choking on him need Heimlich maneuver
Sorry I don't date lollapalooz-ers

Mexico City, Mexico, August 24, 2023
I only date him if he pays my rent-ay
If you are a Swiftie you're mi gente
Let me hear you make some noise DF

Mexico City, Mexico, August 25, 2023
He said where you at I said I'm busy
Sippin' on tequila gettin' tipsy
Con mis chicas in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico, August 26, 2023
I'm full grown, but I look like a niña
Come put something big in my casita
Mexico, I think you are Bonita

Mexico City, Mexico, August 27, 2023
Felt so good he made me hit the top note
Eras tickets, girl, you won the lotto
Mexico I kinda think te amo

Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 9, 2023
How to ride him, I can think of 5 ways
My head goes so hard I'm giving migraines
How loud do you get in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 11, 2023
He said, "What's your name?" I said "Sabrina"
Saw that obelisco I said "Que linda"
Who's the loudest here in Argentina?

Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 12, 2023

When I'm in the bedroom I get sexy
He's having a ball, he calls me Messi
Argentina, will you be my bestie?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 17, 2023
Sippin' on me like a caipirinha
How to turn me on, boy, I can teach ya
My new name is ipanema brina

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 19, 2023
It's kinda small, but I don't even care though
Cupid must've hit me with an arrow
Because I'm in love with Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo, Brazil, November 24, 2023
Just give it to me, boy, I'll tell you how slow
I'll be your loirinha on the down-low
I love it when you sing to me São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil, November 25, 2023
I'm a 9, but I'm a 10 without clothes
He said I'm the prettiest but how so?
Cause all the hottest girls are in São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil, November 26, 2023
He said, "Let's get married", I said "Chill"
Boy, I said I'm hungry get my fill
I heard the nuts are better in Brazil

Los Angeles, California, December 1, 2023
On my knees and stockings, that's a snowjob
Bring that firewood I'll sip the eggnog
Let me hear you scream your Jingle Balls off

New York, New York, December 8, 2023
Tell me is that giant package for me?
Santa's too excited, he came early
Jingle Ball you're so hot I'm not worthy

Boston, Massachusetts, December 10, 2023
I heard that he's hung just like a stockin'
Give my gingerbread some extra frostin'
Scream if you've been really naughty Boston

Atlanta, Georgia, December 14, 2023
I sat on Santa's lap and handled business
Me without my clothes is on his wishlist
I love you Atlanta, Merry Christmas

New York, New York, December 31, 2023
Clark is everybody's favorite dick type
Make a toast to everyone you dislike
Balls are dropping everywhere at midnight

Melbourne, Australia, February 16, 2024
D-I-C-K, I am good at spelling
Tastes so good I need a second helping
Aren't you glad I know how to say Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia, February 17, 2024
I don't say "Hello", I say "G'day mate"
I don't make a bevvy, I'm a lightweight
Melbourne, I just came, I saw, and I ate

Melbourne, Australia, February 18, 2024
Broke up 'cuz the size was underwhelming
Tried to give him pointers, wasn't helping
Maybe I just need a boy from Melbourne

Sydney, Australia, February 24, 2024
When you go down under do you miss me?
He's so big I felt it in my kidney
Screamed so loud they heard it here in Sydney

Sydney, Australia, February 25, 2024
Yeah, he's pretty cute but will our kids be?
This country's so big I hope it fit me
I vegimite be in love with you, Sydney

Sydney, Australia, February 26, 2024
I can't believe a plane can fly this far
I met the cutest Aussie at the bar
He said, "Are you from here?" I said "Naur"

Singapore, Singapore, March 2, 2024
Gardens by the Bay I wanna go there
Then I'll take you somewhere that has no hair
Singapore you're so perfect it's no fair

Singapore, Singapore, March 3, 2024
He said that he wishes he was on me
Got me wetter than Jewel Changi
Singapore I hope you like my song-y

Singapore, Singapore, March 4, 2024
This crowd ate me up like I'm an omelette
I swear I'm coming back here, that's a promise
You cleared all my Singa-pores, I'm flawless

Singapore, Singapore, March 7, 2024
I told that boy to sit me down on all fours
I told that boy "Go faster," now I'm all sore
You hit a little different here in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore, March 8, 2024
Do boys like you more when you're ignoring them?
If I don't make dick jokes am I boring then?
I said "Walao", am I Singaporean?

Singapore, Singapore, March 9, 2024
Fell in love with you, I think I'm done for
Came five times but I think I need one more
You're the greatest night I've had Singapore

Coachella, California, April 12, 2024
All about the balls, I'm Cinderella
Only use my mouth that's acapella
I'm so glad you came for me Coachella

Coachella, California, April 19, 2024
Made his knees so weak after he spread mine
He's drinkin' my bath water like it's red wine
Coachella see you back here when I headline

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