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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di How to Lose di Scared of Chaka contenuta nell'album How to Lose. “How to Lose” è una canzone di Scared of Chaka. How to Lose Lyrics.

TESTO - Scared of Chaka - How to Lose


TESTO - Scared of Chaka - How to Lose

I can count these lost days on my fingers pressed down underneath where our warmth lingers
Idle but my blood races behind these faces
I live blissful while deep in denial

actin on your hit parade
Busy thoughts on quiet days
Dropping off your apple tree
Shouldn't mean that much to me

your love is hating
And your still waiting
To blink your eyes when you wake up and I'll be gone

you strike a murderous posture with lolitas fingers
You got a scary interior with shiny demanor
You got everything that has ever warped me
You everthing that's needed to kill me.


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