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TESTO - Tito Puente - How High the Moon

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TESTO - Tito Puente - How High the Moon

One, two, three, everybody get low
Four, five, six, nigga, here comes the Coast
Seven, eight, nine, and we back on your mind
When I say ten, that means begin!
Ayo, we good? (WE GOOD!)
Made it out the hood

Now everybody move to the back of the bus
Cause I'm calling shotgun like Elmer Fudd

So run Ricky run if you don't want the slug

He give no fuck
Ras him cut raw like sawdust
Raw like condom that bust when hip thrust
Say huh, huh, huuuuh, baby, I'm coming!

Bust through the pussy wall like Kool-Aid man

The new moon rose high and shined on the coastline

Kings follow like the northern star through the dark skies
Haters gon' say we couldn't do it without a co-sign
But my pen move terrains, this a landslide
This hip-pop, we came to spit raw
What y'all do is backwards, helpin' em win the war

Coast gon' give back words that push fourth
In one (ONE), two (TWO), to three, four!

Truthfully, feel like all y'all weak, mmhmm
No style, no technique, mmhmm
You niggas rhyme with two left feet, mmhmm
That's why you ain't snappin' on the beat, mmhmm
In the words of T3, "Don't sound too good
It sound tainted to me
", mmhmm
Luckily, I got a good idea
You should study what we do and level up, I guarantee ya
We the biggest group you ever seen, thank the Elohim

Sandman, kick 'em off the stage, crushin' niggas dreams

I ain't mean to be that mean, but shit, nah, mean
They be kiddin' on the mic, Billie Jean (He, he)

Must think I'm the one, mmhmm
Type of shit get a nigga pump, get me
Move with some caution, they don't want the wrath of Taj Austin
Sometimes tryna be this humble is exhaustin'
What's a threat to my intellect? That's insultin'
I don't fear death, I'm immune to the coffin

Wouldn't even sneeze at it if it smelled funny

Wanna know why I don't rap about money?
I was poor on the block like a 40oz of liquor

Probably saw me at the bus stop, on La Cienega

Soon as I got the whip, had to take it abroad
Got the windows tint five percent, nation of Gods

Tried to break that bitch in without breakin' the law
Seen the jakes, hit the brakes, nope, that ain't State Farm

Told my niggas in the back "Keep ya eyes to the front"
Cause I know damn sure it ain't nothin' in my trunk
Plus I feel the same as OJ about the glove department

By the time we looked up, they was gooone
Think we good, good, made it out the hood
Came up from the dirt, my niggas made it out the mud
All in God's will, be still, don't budge, huh
Iron sharpens iron in the cells of my blood, huh
That's ironic, huh, I cut the rug, huh
Turn up the bass, let me teach with the sub, huh

Wanna see my bredren up in heaven up above
So I try to make an effort everyday to spread the love
It's the Coast!

The new moon rose high, and shined on the coastline
Kings follow like the northern star through the dark skies
Haters gon say we couldn't do it without a co-sign
But my pen move terrains, this a landslide
Bendin' earth with every verse, I'm the avatar
And since I'm on the coast, I could never get washed up (Go)
So peep the scenario, en cada barrio

Que corre por mi venas, no necesito hacer cardio
Ay dios mío, ay dios mío
Me les río a todos lo que piensan, que quieren lío
Dile a tu vecina compararé me es un delito
Y quédate tranquilo
Traigo el puente como tito
Y cuando es tu turno oye pana yo te aviso
Dile a tu rappero favorito, que los dejo seis pies debajo el piso
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, cuenta conmigo
Esto es mucho más facil que mi ABC's
Adentro el espejo a mi dios lo encontré

Niggas rub me wrong like a genie

I bet you wish you could, but you niggas never be me
We make it look easy, especially on TV
Lyrics jumpin' out on ya screen, like 3D, huhhh!
And I'm back
Niggas see the Coast and they don't know how to act
A bunch of rugrats I done left over the map
Fuckin' this bitch called life, breakin' her back
Like I'm steppin' on cracks, doing mommas like that tooo

And I leave ya face stuck like a statue

Pray to God that you never, see me comin'
Think you seen it all but you ain't see nothin'

Tell 'em to give up the goods
Here's a scenario
The people say "Thank God, Coast Contra's a miracle"
Hip Hop did not die, where did the lyrics go?
The music that they drop now, that shit's hysterical (What)
I'm just sayin' the shit they play is a merry-go-round
That same sound they poundin' through our stereos
Fuckin' with frequencies, frequently rappin' about material
Things that's so vain that bring shame to spiritual, uewwweehh
Don't want none of that in my area
Milkin' the game, keepin' my circle smaller than Cherrios
They inferior, we are superior, movin' imperial, big dawg
You not of our cloth, different interrior
Paint me next, right next to Mona Lisa
She know, my eyes browsin' on her features
What's your frame? I mean, name, nice to meet cha
She so cheesy, think she wanna pizza/peace of me

But got time for no drama, no time for the opera
Better watch how you talk to a L.A.M.A
I put my time in so I can be timeless
Whether records or necklace, it was never 'bout diamonds
If time fly, well, God is my pilot
I pray when in private, closin' my eyelids
So I can see more when I'm in silence
Pineal gland, my food for thought, I hope you can digest
This isn't candy, please chew before swallow, here's the motto
This Hip Hop, come here if you spit raw
It's love on this side, no need to promote war
Coast gon' give back words, that push forth
Till the culture sculpt us four as Mt. Rushmore

I was mindin' my business from a distance, I hear "Ain't that him?"
Of course, I'm him, you know, the usual suspect
Picture that, keep the mugshot
Yeah, I'm him, you know, the usual suspect
Stop, drop, roll, hold
We on fire, bring out the hoes

Oh shit, old shit, same o' shit, ho shit, some more shit
But he give no fuck, Razzy cut raw like sawdust
Raw like condom that bust when hip thrust
Say huh, huh, huuuuh, baby, I'm comin'
Live from the underground, Hip-Hop dungeon
The rulers back
, rule number one, rap
Niggas cap like graduates, this new school shit
Young I, move like a old school alumni
Fuck these crews, I'm on the coast 'bouta sun dry

Too much fentanyl, y'all only dope sometimes
Ain't worth the risk, not even just one line
Might die from boredom, check the postmortem
Made in God's image, but he won't post more of them
Y'all not competition, ya like Scottie Pippen
Pass the mic, stop trippin
Wishin', a nigga would, for my profession
As a lumberjack, I axe, that's no question

I'm blessed to eat with the gang, with the bredren
Y'all came in second, us, we just came for the seconds
Y'all top five taste yum, finger lickin'
On thumb, shit get greasy
Thumbin' through this chicken, huh, didn't I tell you?
Like momma with the whippin', I go craaazy
But son, you niggas much different
Got full custody, y'all stuck with me
You ain't gotta fuck with me, just don't fuck with me
Coast got trust in me, they get buck with me
If you got love for me, that's enough, I feel complete
Man, no mankind that can compete
Landed land mines right at my damn feet, then I blew up
Who wanna walk a mile in my sneaks, go boom
God got you ya soul, rest in peace, or pieces
No, it's not a thesis, I achieved it, really did blow up
Niggas ain't believe it 'till they seen it
Came across they screens like great defense

Coast 'bout to go up, they call me the reason knight, y'all (Night y'all)
Knight y'all (Night y'all)
Cop ya merch, it's on the site, y'all (On site, y'all)
Coast on the scene, but before this was a dream
We had Q-Tip on our ear wax and Phife Dawg
The perfect scenario

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