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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Hostage Situation di Electric Frankenstein contenuta nell'album Listen Up, Baby. “Hostage Situation” è una canzone di Electric Frankenstein. Hostage Situation Lyrics.

TESTO - Electric Frankenstein - Hostage Situation


TESTO - Electric Frankenstein - Hostage Situation

You dig into me I'm like a tick
But your the only one that's sick
You hold that gun to my head
But your the one who ends up dead
Made me hate the world I love
But your the one that's feeling numb
Ya took a chance with my life
But your the only sacrifice

You got me in a hostage situation
Feels like I'm in hell's kitchen (2x)

Ya know this story's getting old
Between me and you its a lonely road
Hope that you went through your friends
Especially since they're all dead
I'm the one full of hate
For all the time you made me waste
Don't despise what you said
I live in senseless misery

chorus (2x)
Hostage situation...SITUATION! (8x)


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