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TESTO - Loyle Carner - HGU

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TESTO - Loyle Carner - HGU

Yeah, I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you
After everything we've been through
Everything we seen

The Disney channel on the screen, yo, I can't forget the screams
Late at night, clinging to the beams
Wonder, is he understanding what I mean?
Saying don't go now, yo, please, 'cause I was starting to believe
The first twenty-seven years, a bad dream
Finally found my feet, head low, walking through the streets
Had these headphones filling up with beats, my mind speaks
I'm hurt, still rosey in my cheeks
Why do autumn leaves get to fall in peace when it's falling down on me?
I keep my hands where you can see
Cause I ain't being fallen by police, felt you calling in my jeans
My back pocket splitting in the seams
I couldn't start the car, find the keys

Yeah, yo, I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you
And I hope that it continues after everything you've been through
Living a life that was sinful
Slicing through my belly like a ginsu

The birthday cake I bring you
Know you feel, know you're about to cry
I can see it in the corner of your eye
There ain't nothing you can hide, locking off the phone out of pride
Doesn't matter if you blow it in the skies 'cause I'm knowing why
Like pawn to E4, bishop C4
That's light work, Queen to F3, I can see more
My best days, still my heart banging out my chest plate
Queen to F7, that was checkmate

Hoping that my pen breaks so I can finish this and press play

Listen to decisions that my pen makes 'cause Ben stayed
Yeah, I'm saying Ben stayed
The next day, the next day, then the next day

Yo, I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you
Cause I know that it's within you and I'm better when I'm with you

Tryna reconnect as we begin to
Understand the reasons that you're sinful 'cause Earth's evil
Yeah, 'cause hurt people, hurt people
Especially the ones who weren't equal, the burnt treacle
Wonder what would be expected in the sequel

Except for the cycle to repeat 'cause that's the default
That life's lethal, watching history repeat itself
So I can rewrite the ending and the prequel

And figure out the bit in the middle until it keeps all
Of my people together and living peaceful
Trust, 'cause ain't no Jack, ain't no beanstalk
Ain't no fairy tales places we walk but we fought
Just for this, just for smiles, yo, that he brought
Still I'm lucky, yo, that we talk

That was a good one today actually
(?) yeah
Oh watch out for this one
(?) That's what you get for parking somewhere, you know to do that
Yeah that was scary
Yeah but you did it though
It's good that you did that with that lorry
Alright when next week?
When do you next (?)
Are you busy next week?
No I've got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I'm doing something
The carpets come Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; I dunno cos' Monday, Tuesday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, it'll be Thursday or Friday
Alright then, just let me know
I'll probably say Friday is a bit of a say-so because the carpets, the liners gonna come on the Wednesday, and have to lay it on the Thursday
Unless it comes early on the Wednesday and they lay it on the Wednesday and I've got Thursday
Well either way if you are, just let me know

Alright man, wanna play chess?


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