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TESTO - Luke De-Sciscio - Heron’s Nest

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TESTO - Luke De-Sciscio - Heron’s Nest

I just want to take you in the ocean
Naked and lay with our backs in the sea
See you balance in the shallows smiling like a child
Effervescent like the vapor found a mouth-piece for the wild
Rest you in the water like a stone
Frigid and light like your soul
When I sing you into me like a breath and move with the tide
As we push into the deep you tell me

Angel hair threaded in rivers of light
Columns of heaven raining on time
Wilted from the dry spell
Exhausted from the climb
Mouth dry my words are like sand
And you're the water in my hand
Who am I to opine that the rivers of time, have thwarted me with heckles
When they cover me clean?
At the start I'd have given everything
Just to be where I am as I sing
What fabric did you barter?
I mean what bargain were you offered?
I mean how did you come to me?
What silk of a gown? What chalk of a crown?
What body in the morning from the pavement depletes?
What dream?

Fragile fawn and innocent rose, darting kisses on each other's cheeks
Is this slumber rest?
My heron's nest
A peck and a peck for the weak
It can all be so beautifully bleak
It can all be so beautifully bleak
It can all be so beautifully bleak

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