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Hekal Tiamat

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Hekal Tiamat di Acheron contenuta nell'album Those Who Have Risen. “Hekal Tiamat” è una canzone di Acheron. Hekal Tiamat Lyrics.

TESTO - Acheron - Hekal Tiamat


TESTO - Acheron - Hekal Tiamat

We are the fears that lurk inside your mind
As ancient race of a vampiric kind
Ruthless predators in this world we dwell
Live the law of fang and claw, with no heaven or hell

Hekal Tiamat, Temple of the Dragon

We are the future, the future is our brood
The undead gods revealing hidden truth
Vampires are few, but we are also many
Weak humans alive, show our prey is plenty

Those amongst our kind embrace the given creed
Animal instincts are how we strive and feed
Our list is for the hunt and life force energy
The temple now awaits the final catastrophe

Hekal Tiamat, Temple of the Dragon


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