Killah Priest

Heavy Mental

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TESTO - Killah Priest - Heavy Mental


TESTO - Killah Priest - Heavy Mental

The mind, Heavy Mental
Jesus Christ is Heavy Mental
Everything brings in Heavy Mental day
The day you will experience something Heavy Mental
Never done, Heavy Mental..

Information begins gathering
Starting to pattering the Stargate towards Saturn
Between the eye socket is where I will build my sky rocket

You don't need any passport, all you need is a thought

Suddenly, the soul becomes hot as coal
The flame blows from out my brain holes like a volcano

The brain begins the process
As we start the conquest from out the physical bondage

The thought launches
Voyaging 144 billion light years through the shadows of your imagination
Now open your eyes, do you see the flaming arrows aiming at pharaohs inhabitations?

As we begin the racing like a sparrow through the narrow population, seeking purification
The destination is the Holy Land of Bethlehem
Eat lamb with Abraham and break bread with Son of Man

So slowly, hold these hands and stretch forth from the skies like a rubber band
As we begin to snap you above the land out of the atmosphere
Don't look back, why? We're Almost There

Just try to prepare and adapt to the air pressure
Now we searching for the mental treasure
Pleasure beyond the measure of yards
You can't comprehend a god or the distance between stars
Picking up quasars inside the radar
As we're going far past any astronaut
Moving so fast in this aircraft everything we pass get hot
From the take-off, the blast turn the glass into rocks
At last, my supreme task was to no longer walk on green grass
Until I become a beam of gas and travel through extreme draft
Unable to be picked up through cable
Out of the reach of all manners of sky examiners
Heaven scanners, giant antennas and high tech space cameras
No evidence in any cemetery obituary
Not found in any library or dictionary or encyclopedia or media
I'm in star mode
with the discipline of Damo

I broke the U.S. bar code
Now I'm on Allah's road to journey into realms of the cosmos
Where only God knows or goes
Blow like the UFO to give up my work clothes
Only to glow with a holy robe and explode through the mysterious black holes
Deep warp through the outer zone without a phone to the unknown
To sit on my throne alone, Heavy Mental
The pilot on this galactic plane of knowledge
Through culture, my sculpture lights up in ultraviolet
So you can see my brain is symbolic to a palace
Therefore, I keep my hair stylish
My flesh solid and my teeth polished
Next stage, examine my x-ray
Take notes for your essay and let the cassette play for longer than a decade
As we begin to blaze through the Milky Ways
Repent from our filthy ways, replenish from the guilty days
The eyeballs swell up to size of eggs
Neon dreamland, wing span 7 feet
Between my eyes is the beak
Destination of the riders to reach is the peak
Angelical landscape will take the physical man behind the hidden gates of space
Ultimate escapes as we go through a phenomenal rate
As we cruise going into magnitude
As we break up into a multitude of molecules
Going through a long hollow tube with a scholar's view
As we wearing the white garment
Passing sound waves that's supersonic
Passing the comets, star clusters
Changing my physical structure till my lips begin to pucker
Kissing Christ at the Last Supper
Grabbing the brass cup of wine, (Heavy Mental)
I feel myself getting older
Sitting on my sofa in the position like yoga
Till my mind passes over the solar system
My wisdom novas, I am the controller
I begin to loosen up my shoulders
Forming each joint into the Sun's 8 points
Then I begin to rise like helium, escaping the Millennium 2000
Meditating to the soft notes of a violin
I've been on Mars
Building the holy synagogues
for the royal seminars
Long before they had the renaissance, there existed a Hebrew lodge

Heavy Mental
A phenomenon from out of the matrix
The world looks at me with envy and hatred
Just because I appear to them half naked
Rising into a spaceship with an arm full of solid gold bracelets
A phenomenon from out of the matrix, Heavy Mental

Now the only time - Heavy Mental
The only time you should catch.. Heavy Mental
Only time, you could have jet lag is if your cassette drag
Heavy Mental
Barak ahthah Yahawah wa Yahawashi - Heavy Mental

Yo, just chill - Heavy Mental
Stop the tape - Heavy Mental
(STOP IT!) Heavy Mental

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