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Healthy Baby Boy

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TESTO - John-Robert - Healthy Baby Boy

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Ricky gifted me a Silvertone
Mom and dad are proud that I am out and all alone
Sadly I can’t tell them how I ache to, ache to come back home
Susie found a commune in the woods
Like minded individuals who aren’t well understood
And she said that she’ll rejoin me in the real world
Although I’m not too sure
Ahoooo ah
Ahoooo ah
Bobsleds and snow covered hills
BB guns and gasoline and almost getting killed
Started a fire in the woodlands
The neighbors call the cops
Alex died and JJ had a kid
Named him aftеr him and Bam, in Edinburg they live
Met him right bеfore I moved to cali
A healthy baby boy
How I hope you’re well
Maybe we could find a place out there for us
How I hope you’re okay
Maybe I could be a good thing for you
Wrote a tune with Ricky’s Silvertone
Fell in love with Susie, called my parents on the phone
Bought a sled and said a prayer for Alex
And a brand new baby boy

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