RZA ft. Ras Kass - RZA

Handwriting on the Wall

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Handwriting on the Wall di RZA e Ras Kass RZA . “Handwriting on the Wall” è una canzone di RZA. Handwriting on the Wall Lyrics.

TESTO - RZA - Handwriting on the Wall


TESTO - RZA - Handwriting on the Wall

We on some Phantom of the Opera shit
It's the Gothic shit
As I produce the Waterproof mask
You never ask the question, "Who's the man behind the red mask?"
About to a drive-by on MC's so listen

Yo my mic check is Robo-Tech
Run over the track till my lyrical Giga
Pet slow flow
Cardiac arrest like Flo
Jo, rock ice Ro-Ro
Pack fo-fo fo' sho tho
More and more cream, and niggas Still Love You Rakeem
The game of death, we kickin niggas in the chest like Kareem

My wingspan is wider than Rodan
My sweet and sour niggas wit nose candy sniff blow by the gram
I grammatically slam, before I eat a groupie bitch pussy
The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is eatin ham
So catch me in Deep Space Nine
Wit eight million stories
on seven continents
And six billion bullets on the Star Trek
Solid state logic thug niggas electronic
Eat, drink, sleep, shit, fuck, build and smoke chronic
Playa, this is not a game, I said it before
Went through the door I came wit Wu-Tang
The Artist Formerly Know as You
Got snatched out his truck on Florence and Normandy Duke

We strictly Digital

Yo, yo, yo, yo
The Last Starfighter
, my thoughts make the sun shine brighter
I bust in a bitch mouth to make her teeth seem whiter
Roam like space drones through all time zones
Your face get blown, I make home, Bobby'll fuck Grace Jones
Mocha caps with dilithium crystal
Raise the pendulum cuts through your ear tissue, Digital signal
Scramble your brain then regain residuals
Like Microsoft, My mic might go off before the lights go off
You derelict bitches, I give your tonsils eighty stitches
Bobby long strong, even fuck the Eastwick Witches

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